The refreshed Tesla Model S P90D with Ludicrous Mode (and in RHD) has now arrived in Australia - so the first reviews from down under are now in.

Overall, Australia's CarsGuide (a favorite reviewer of ours) is impressed by the sledgehammer-like acceleration, great looks and self-driving function, while conversely the high price of options...and also the high floor eating up the legroom were mentioned as cons.

Ironically, at the just about the same time as this car landed in Australia, the P90DL has been rendered obsolete and has been removed from Tesla's current product offerings in favor of the just announced Model S P100DL (and of course the Model X P100DL). Those lucky Aussies - high pricing for yesterday's EVs.

Perhaps the biggest positive of the review is that Model S P90DL was well received by Richard Berry, a declared petrol head.


"I'll never stop loving petrol cars, it's in my blood. No seriously, it's in my blood - I have a V8 tattoo on my arm. But I do think the current era where cars with combustion engines rule the Earth is coming to a close.

Electric cars are very likely the planet's next automobile rulers, but being such vain creatures we'll only take to them if they're cool and good looking and that the P90D is, with its Aston Martin lines and supercar acceleration.

Sure it doesn't have the growling soundtrack but unlike a supercar, it's practical too with four doors, great legroom and an enormous boot."


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