Just 81 BMW 330e sedans were sold in July and a total of 218 since launch in March in the U.S.

And while that doesn't sound great, that's not reflection of the true demand behind the 14-mile plug-in hybrid (full details/specs on the 330e here)...as the model has yet to actually be stocked in North America.

With similar inventory issues in Europe (although not to quite as extreme a level), the BMW 330e is selling about as well as it can.  After all, you can only sell what you have. We will have to wait a bit longer to see how the BMW is truly being received by the open market, but early indications are that it will do very well indeed.

While EV enthusiasts may look down on the plug-in abilities of the 330e, the price-point ($44,695 USD), puts the plug-in hybrid BMW at par with comparable 328i xDrive (from $40,350) when including the federal credit of $4,001 sedan.

The 330s is almost the same price as the very cheapest 3 series money can buy - the 328i from $38,350 - however, inside a lease structure, the 330e is the lowest cost BMW 3 series.

A new Roadshow review shows that the 3-Series plug-in hybrid has potential, but the range could be a bit longer. CNET also figures most can achieve 40 MPG.

"A plug-in hybrid system gives the all new 2017 BMW 330e smart economy, while maintaining its sport sedan character."

BMW 330e

BMW 330e

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