Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Nissan 7 seat e-NV200

Autocar recently tested the 5 and 7-seat Nissan e-NV200, which are based on the Nissan LEAF and use the same 24 kWh of batteries, 80 kW drivetrain and charging (3.3 kW or 6.6 kW and DC CHAdeMO inlet).

7-seat is the world's first series produced all-electric MPV.

First impressions:

"This is a van, so you can’t expect too much of it. By far the biggest demerit is the cart-sprung rear axle. We drove the e-NV200 two up and, with little weight over the rear wheels, the back end skipped and crashed over ridges and obstacles. It would no doubt be less reactive with passengers and cargo on board, though.

The biggest upside is being able to drive a van that is so quiet, smooth and effortless in traffic. With no roaring diesel engine and no manual gearbox requiring endless shifts to stay on the torque curve, the e-NV200 makes light work of heavy traffic."

Top speed and acceleration is good enough to keep up with other traffic and change lanes in safety.

The battery capacity seems too small, especially since ample power is required for air conditioning/heating of the massive cabin space. However, if you need car to commute short distances with capacity for 7, then e-NV200 could fit your needs.

"However, the battery clearly will take a battering in cut-and-thrust situations. First, high temperatures and the vehicle's huge windscreen demand use of the air conditioning. This is a large cabin, so the climate control will be putting a strain on the battery in much of the summer and winter. The vehicle’s big frontal area and capacity for people and luggage will also put the battery under strain on faster runs.

With a rated range, in good conditions, of around 20% less than the Leaf hatch, there’s no doubt that this vehicle is best as a local area shuttle. It comes as no surprise, then, that it also available in taxi spec, with much more rear leg room."

We suspect Nissan will get more serious with this product (and bring it to the US), once the new larger battery option shortly becomes available on the Nissan LEAF; we imagine this battery will perhaps become the standard offering in the e-NV200.

Source: Autocar

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