BMW 2 Series 225e Active Tourer PHEV

BMW 2 Series 225e Active Tourer PHEV

The BMW 2 Series 225e Active Tourer PHEV (described earlier here) was recently tested by Autocar.

For now, this is still a pre-production prototype, but is close to the final version that's expected to launch in spring 2016.

With AWD (petrol engine for the front wheels and electric motor for the rear wheels) 221bhp of total system power and 23 miles of all-electric range (on a tiny 7.7 kWh battery) Active Tourer PHEV will be another non-i plug-in from the German manufacturer.

Autocar seems to be positive and curious about the car.

"BMW says the price of the 2 Series eDrive will be similar to a mainstream Active Tourer model with similar performance - probably the 225i xDrive. And it's a car with an extraordinary range of abilities. It can run on pure EV power in city centres, offers an impressive all-wheel drive system, delivers poke and stability in Max eDrive mode and runs as a fuel-sipping hybrid in normal conditions.

All that and the fact that the car doesn't feel anything less than conventional to drive – unlike, say, the Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt – makes it a very intriguing proposition.

With the 2 Series eDrive, BMW has managed to introduce hybrid power and exploit the benefits of electric traction for more than just pure economy. It’s a clever and compelling car."

Source: Autocar

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