With the newly refreshed 2016 Outlander PHEV now reaching customers throughout Europe and in Japan, and with a newly revised delivery expectation for the US (forward for a change - August 2016), we figured now would be a good time to publish a review of just what the new Outlander PHEV is all about from the UK (Car Keys).

For US readers, we should note the Outlander PHEVs first "official US debut" to see the plug-in SUV in the flesh will be at the New York Auto Show in March.

Additionally, Americans should ignore all the bits about what the DC fast charging/CHAdeMO abilities can do for you - that featured is not available (on any trim level) for the United States.  Just 3.3 kW L2 charging for you.

Besides adopting Mitsubishi's new design language, there has been changes functionally to the Outlander PHEV as well:  the plug-in is more emissions friendly, the efficiency by a decent chunk, heated steering wheel is now available standard, and overall the Outlander PHEV is a full 2 seconds quicker to 25 mph.

Hat tip to offib!

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