Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Road & Track had the opportunity to briefly test drive the Tesla Model X following last night's reveal (full video/recap here).

Overall, Road & Track seems highly impressed with the electric crossover.

Here are some highlights from the test drive review:

"First off: This thing is crazy fast. I only got a blink-of-an-eye squeal out of a front tire during a Ludicrous Mode launch, most likely due to the choppy pavement of our tiny test loop."

"In the few low- to mid-speed corners I was able to take, the Model X handled completely flat. Granted, I wasn't diving for the apexes—not in the CEO's car, thanks, I'd rather not end up in Elon's pirhana pit—but at speeds that would start a "normal" crossover's tires squealing, the Model X was utterly firm."

"Ride quality was taut, but not at all punishing over the few dips and chops in the pavement."

"It felt almost exactly like a buttoned-down sports sedan—just one where you happened to be sitting a foot higher than normal."

More test drive notes at source link below.

Source: Road & Track

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