There is wealth of BMW i8 presentations and test drives reviews, but as always Alex On Autos stands out from the crowd with his undisturbed, detailed presentations - especially useful for those who not only are interested in the car, but are seriously considering purchase.

BMW i8 looks spectacular, is "fantastic expensive", and returns decent fuel economy, provided you use EV mode often. Trunk and rear seat usefulness is questionable. Alex notes that the tires could be wider for improved braking.

For more insights, check out the full review below:

"What is the BMW i8, and why should I care?

The i8 can be thought of as a prototype car you can buy. It's a sort of "test bed" for carbon fibre, hybrid and EV technologies wrapped in a super sexy (and super expensive) package"

Alex On Autos - BMW i8 assessment

Alex On Autos - BMW i8 assessment

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