Drive published a comparison of two similarly priced cars - BMW i8 (from $299,000 AUD) and Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (from $295,000 AUD) from the Australian point of view.

BMW i8 is called a supercar for the iPad generation, but ultimately lost as the review winner was the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT.


BMW: Very probably the future of high performance cars and proof that the hybrid is more than the stop-gap many thought it would be.

AMG: Big, brawny, take-no-prisoners coupe that stirs the soul. Doesn't feel like a science experiment which, at this money, is crucial.

Winner: AMG"

BMW i8 won in two out of five categories:

  • Value
  • X-Factor
but lost in three:
  • Inside
  • Under the Bonnet
  • How it drives
Source: Drive

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