The folks over at Roulez Electrique recently tested the Tesla Model S P85D, concluding:

"Gone is the old adage that speed kills. At the wheel of the new Tesla Model S P85D, we can bury the saying and say that secures the speed."

Via Google Translate, which mucks up some of meaning, but still gets us to the point: with AWD, the Tesla Model S P85D is secure at speed.

Some more info from Roulez Electrique (via Google Translate):

"This insurance policy on survival does exist and I've never felt so much safe driving this P85D whose 691 horses provide cover against accidents. We can not find the words to describe the lightning acceleration of the actual rocket on four wheels. Let the numbers for a moment: 0-100 km / h = 3.2 seconds, exactly the figure provided by the factory and I duplicated without difficulty on the time of my iPhone. All this without evasions of the rear axle or loss of adhesion."

The focus of the Roulez Electrique article is mostly on the AWD aspects of the P85D:

"And that's not all. Let me tell you about the 4WD. WOW. The technology that enabled Tesla to achieve such results on icy or snowy roads is such that it should be made mandatory on all cars. I had the chance to drive the P85D on very slippery roads and I swear that the accelerations are absolutely breathtaking in such conditions. Pirelli winter tires combined with the AWD system are pushing the limits of adhesion to such a level that we imagine driving on wet pavement rather qu'enneigée. Thus on a little secret route copiously covered in snow and with the complicity of some Renaud, we obtained an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h in eight seconds, a time that many cars struggling to realize on dry pavement."

AWD for the win!

Source: Roulez Electrique