We have done a few reviews on the Kia Soul EV, even a "how far can it really go" range test (props to our guy Tony for that effort!), as well as shown some third party test drives we felt were fairly balanced and deserved notice.

Fair disclaimer: The above video is produced with the greatest of self-interest, by the number 1 Kia dealership (Capital Kia, San Jose) in California ... where the Soul EV is primarily sold.

So why feature it here when clearly there will be a bias in play before anyone starts to watch?

Well, it is because of the professionalism and the enthusiasm this one particular dealership has towards electric vehicles; something we don't nearly see enough of.

The review hits all the main talking points for those familiar with plug-in technology and also for those who are not; all the while not be "two preachy" or continually asking for the sale.

If you are a dealer looking to sell and educate your customer, watching this video would be a good start.

So if you are looking for a Soul EV in the San Jose area, Capital Kia gets our 'head nod' of approval.   And no, nobody ask or paid us to feature their advertisement.

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