"BMW presented the new i8 hybrid supercar for the official UK launch at an event held in Mayfair, London. With two models on display I take a quick look around the car before jumping in for a test drive."

States the video's description,

Shmee150, a more popular YouTube star, gives us an in-depth walkaround, review and test drive of the new BMW i8.

You will see multiple shots, features, and Shmee's opinions of the i8 throughout the video above.

We would like to hear your personal opinion on the BMW i8.

Furthermore, we must ask (because it is often discussed), for about the same price, which will it be for you: the BMW i8 or the Tesla Model S P85+?

BMW i8 Interior with Dihedral Doors.

BMW i8 Interior with Dihedral Doors.

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