Looking for a Tesla Model S review that isn't all raves and rants?

You'll find it here.

Sure, there's a lot of positives this reviewer finds to discuss with the Model S, but it's the negative pointed out that we don't often hear.

Here's an overview, via Carscoops, of what you're in for by watching this video review:

"The Tesla Model S has captured the interest of nearly everyone and become the most-lauded alternative vehicle available. The guys climb into a loaded P85+ model to see if the S lives up to all the hype, and where it excels."

"The reviewers (there are two of them) first begin to comment on the Model S’ interior, which they say is “all about the big screen,” and because it’s meant to draw your attention to it, the fledgling manufacturer has put less emphasis on material quality – its overall finish does not reflect is high price tag, according to the video."

"As for handling, the reviewer says yes, the car is competent, but no it’s not an agile little sports car dressed up as a big family car."

It's not all words of praise for the Model S this time 'round.  Check out the video and you'll see what we mean.

Source: Carscoops

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