Renault Zoe is Worth Owning

Renault Zoe is Worth Owning

"IF THE electric car is ever going to make it into the mainstream then we need a model that’s as cheap as a normal car, as practical as a normal car and with a range that will take us further into our journey than the paper shop before its battery runs out."

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

That's the opening line from a recent Renault Zoe review conducted by the Ashbourne News Telegraph.

So, is Zoe the electric vehicle that will bring EVs into the mainstream?

Yes...says the reviewer:

"Easy to live with, easy to drive, easy to afford and easy to find a place for in our range-obsessed motoring society."

What's so special about Zoe?  Well, as this reviewer sees it, Zoe is the only electric that captured his heart.  In fact, it's the only EV he's tested that he didn't want to hand back the keys to.

The reviewer concludes:

"The Renault ZOE is the only electric car I’ve ever driven that I could see myself owning."

"It’s what the electric vehicle has always tried to be. And it’s not just a new car, it’s the start of a new chapter."

Unfortunately, that chapter has no US in it.  The Zoe will forever be unobtainable here in the States.  But for Europe, perhaps Zoe is the vehicle that will take electric into the mainstream.

Source: Ashbourne News Telegrapah

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