22 Minutes Spent Reviewing Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen – Video

Tesla Model 3


If you wanted all the details regarding the Tesla Model 3 touch screen, set aside some time and check out this video.

YouTuber and owner of his own do-it-yourself Tesla showroom and homemade “Supercharger” (in his garage), DÆrik, promised us many more videos of the Tesla Model 3 and he’s following through. Now, we get a very in-depth look at the car’s touch-screen display and all of its many features, along with details regarding exactly how to operate it.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 touch screen

We’ve seen a few videos detailing the Model 3’s unique, horizontal 15-inch touch screen. However, many of them were removed before we had a chance to really watch. Others showed some of the typical features but didn’t delve very deep into specifics. This is by far the lengthiest and most exhaustive review we’ve seen to date.

The duo also shows how the gear select lever works, as well as functions like opening the trunk, frunk, and charging port (which is really releasing them since they’re not power). These screens have such a plethora of functions, it’s hard to even begin to explain it all here. This is even more true with the Model 3 since there are almost no other physical knobs or buttons. That’s the point of the video … you just have to watch it.

Let us know what impresses you about the Tesla Model 3 display, as well as what functions you would rather not have to rely on a touch screen to operate.

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This car is just right for the tablet generation, super cool now and one can only imagine all the updates possible in the future via the OTA .
Add a great voice control system and it will be amazing .

yeah, nobody dares to you use that tablet while driving.

Looks FAR easier to use than either of my existing GM cars with touchscreens.

What is the situation for 4G service on the Model 3? Is it free for life? Free music streaming for life?

Touch screen is so 1999. Time is ripe for having voice control. Siri, turn on the wipers, set cruise control at 800 MPH, wake me up when we get there and don’t stop for the cops.

Siri would screw up your commands to change settings if there was any extra road noise from a rough grainy surface, heavy rain, passenger conversation, background music, or podcast. That would suck. Have you thought that through? You might not need to use wipers much where you live but in the Pacific Northwest you do a lot for half the year. A simple stalk can be controlled blindly in all conditions, not just ideal ones. A much better system is a rain sensor plus an stalk to manually override.

That would be worse. Have you thought that through? Even in ideal conditions Siri falters too many times, as does Goigle Now, Alexa, and the like. A passenger cabin is far from ideal too often. A stalk can be used without taking eyes off the wheel, or silencing noise. Touch screens and voice contol do not. That is why using your phone even with hands free devices are less safe. Autopilot is not advanced enough to not require a steering wheel and brak pedal, and until it is touch screens and voice conttol are less safe. For wipers give me a rain sensor plus stalk for override until this thing is fully autonomous.

Touch screens are distracting. That is not unique to Tesla.

The difference is that other cars have some knobs and buttons to allow some control to be tactile while Tesla doesn’t give you that choice.

Gen 1 Volt had a lot of complains about its touch sensitive dash and GM added back lots of knobs and button for essential controls in Gen 2. People loved it more.

Touch screen is here to stay. But it would be nice to separate out the often used functions such as radio station tuning, volume, temperature, fan speed, wiper control, lights in knobs and buttons than have them in the layered touchscreen menu.

I personally like the tactile feel and look of actual buttons. Love Tesla but that is my preference.

Question: AM/FM tuner?

No car is perfect. There are defects in some units regardless of how poorly or how well they are built overall. Tesla constantly takes heat from naysayers about every aspect of their business, not just quality. For the relative size of the company, it’s amazing really.