Review: Tesla Model S P85+ By Recombu – Video

NOV 1 2014 BY JAY COLE 1

"Anything But A Sports Cars Is Getting Left For Dead By This Thing"

“Anything But A Sports Cars Is Getting Left For Dead By This Thing”

Ok, the day of the P85+ Tesla Model S reviews are probably drawing to a close with the ‘new hotness’ of the 691 hp, P85D hitting the US market in December, but Recombu has a refreshing take…from a different angle on the once top-of-the-line Tesla.

The review starts out with a catchy turn of phrase:

“Let’s face it, the electric car didn’t just lose to the combustion engine, it was beaten to a bloody pulp and left by the roadside to die.  But now as the cost of motoring has rocketed, and it’s now fashionable to be eco-friendly, there is life in the old dog yet… we find out if you can use an electric car in a fossil fuel world”

Refreshingly, Recombu finds both the pros and cons with the P85+, and seemingly plays to no particular bias in the review.  A breath of fresh air indeed.

Hat tip to offib!

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WHAT is the power/amps/watts available to a standard-ish homeowner in the UK?
Thirteen hours with a charger seems quite low, but I know 100 amp here is old-standard with 200 amp being the new-standard.
240V 50A charges a Bit faster than 13 hours, yes?
Still, a Good Short review form a UK perspective.