Review of Tesla Model S Firmware 5.9 Update – Video


“Review of the recent firmware 5.9 on the Tesla Model S.”

Model S - Firmware 5.9

Model S – Firmware 5.9

States Model S owner Bjorn Nyland.

The much-anticipated firmware 5.9 is here and with it comes these new features:

  • Hill Start Assist
  • Return of Smart Air Suspension Controls
  • Home/Work Locations & Favorites
  • Battery Meter & Cold Weather
  • Improved range predictions

Some additional enhancements include:

  • Bigger font at the bottom of the instrument panel.
  • Quicker web browser
  • Improved Bluetooth auto-connect

And more.

Check out the video to see Bjorn’s firmware 5.9 updated Tesla Model S.

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You need to bring the car into a dealer network for that service!!!!


Amazing. Tesla is so far ahead of every car maker its not funny. No other car gets updates to functions like this , never mind over the air updates.
Luxury brands are prob working on incorporating this into the next gen car they are designing if they are smart.
Luxury buyers will learn of this and demand it.

Tesla keeps raising the bar. 🙂

Imagine, a vehicle that continues to evolve after you purchase it…