Review And Test Drive: Renault Twizy – Video

AUG 31 2014 BY JAY COLE 13

We Got To Revisit With The Renault Twizy This Year At The Geneva Motor Show

We Got To Revisit With The Renault Twizy This Year At The Geneva Motor Show

After having had the opportunity to drive a Renault Twizy for a couple of weeks back in 2012, I still can’t quite explain just ‘what it is’ to drive to my fellow North Americans.

You just have to drive it.  The only problem is – it’s a Renault, which means it is only sold in Europe …so you can’t, which is a shame.

The little 2 seat Renault makes zero sense in almost any daily scenario you might find yourself in while in America – that is outside of using it as a city roundabout for ‘fun’ in Santa Moncia during the summer…but maybe that is just it, of the many plug-ins I have driven, it holds a special spot.

It’s fun…and for about €7,000-€8,000 ($10,000ish USD) you will never turn more heads – if that’s what your into.

The electric Renault now comes in two versions: 2 seater and cargo, and has a top speed of 30mph (Twizy 45) or 50 mph (Twizy 80) depending on the trim you choose.

For 2012, the Twizy was the runaway best selling plug-in for Europe with 9,013 copies sold, easily outpacing the Opel Ampera (6,631), the Renault Kangoo ZE (5,667) and the Nissan LEAF (5,275).

Since then it has lost some luster, as quite honestly it is a bit a novelty act.   For 2014 just over 1,200 copies have been sold (10th) through July, but we still like to pass along good reviews on the quirky 50-60 mile range EV when we see them.


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Still want to see one redone in 1910 era styling…

Like the Renault Type AX?

Yes please…

Oooh, or THIS!

I used to be excited about it until I saw the Toyota i-Road which I think is a much better design

Twizy is an amazing thing, and amazingly practical for city dwellers especially in more or less temperate countries.

Sb should take money in the hands and market it all over the world, be it under another brand if Renault is afraid to make big expenditure.

It would be perfect for the Chinese/Indonesian/Vietnam market. The “rich” mans moped, with roof and everything.

“The only problem is – it’s a Renault, which means it is only sold in Europe …so you can’t, which is a shame.”

It is NOT just because it is a Renault. It is just not legal to drive a Twizy in the USA unless you cripple it down to 25 mph. (Or 35 mph in a few places.)

Too bad we can’t have them, and use them off of freeways and highways with speed limits over 50mph. Twizy ROCKS! At $10,000+ ( with that pesky battery lease )I’d buy one tomorrow!

Ironic we Americans can go anywhere on a scooter or motorcycle, completely exposed to flying hunks of four-wheeled, two-ton metal beasts, but we cannot be strapped into a personal transportation vehicle that at least gives us some form of higher visibility and safety. Since Twizys are best in suburban and urban environments on streets where speeds are lower – you’d think they’d be accepted.

Renault needs to refresh Twizy to keep sales robust. It’s gotten this far on cuteness and novelty. Now it needs a decent suspension and realistic side rain protection. All reports show Twizy’s harsh ride is akin to a buckboard wagon.

The Villages
College Campus
Store and Church car
Take it to the golf course and save the cart fee!!

Hey Jay, how about electrifying Columbo’s (Peter Falk) 1952 Peugeot?