Revealed?: Meaning Of Tesla “D” And “Something Else”


Usually, Tesla Motors can keep under wraps what it plans to reveal in the near future, but this time it seems the cats been let out of the bag.

Following Elon Musk’s Tweet of “About time to unveil the D and something else,” which included the image seen above, the Internet lit up in a frenzy.

Elon Musk's Tweet

Elon Musk’s Tweet

It was less than one day later when we revealed that “the D” was caught on camera at Inyokern Airport, in California.  The “D” is the Tesla Model S P85D, as we’d predicted.

Then, we tracked down the “something else,” which Tesla spokesman Simon Sproule basically confirmed as being Driver’s Assist.  Okay, maybe he didn’t quite confirm it, but Driver’s Assist features are now being added to newly produced Model S sedans, without official word of the addition of these features from Tesla Motors.

Now, Automotive News adds more support to our assumption that the “something else” is Driver’s Assist:

Tesla Motors Inc. will make its first foray toward automated driving, joining luxury rivals in offering high-tech features, including one that can keep the car in its lane, said a person familiar with the carmaker’s plans.

The new capabilities will be revealed at an announcement scheduled for this week, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the details aren’t public. 

Further confirming this is Sproule’s statement:

“We started installing camera hardware from September in support of European. More news to come.”

Sproule declined to discuss specific features added to the Model S prior to Tesla’s official announcement.

So, “the D” is dual-drive or AWD for Tesla Model S and the “something else” is Driver’s Assist.  Though with the cats both now out of the bag, Tesla might just add one more “something else” into the mix.

Source: Automotive News

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One would think the logical “other” thing would be showing the final production version of the X. Seems pretty logical to me.

+1 I agree. Why would Tesla invite a bunch of Model X reservation holders to just see Driver Assist? My bet is Model X reveal.

Agreed x2.

I said it the other day and I still think that the “Something Else” is either the production model of the Tesla X, OR it will be that the Design Studio for the X is ready to go so that reservation holders can configure their cars.

The Driver’s Assist is probably subterfuge in order to keep the above a surprise.

No Model X reveal tomorrow. Quoted from Musk tonight in a vanity fair interview.

You’re right. He just said that. Therefore, in my opinion this is more likely a bit of a yawn. 4×4, faster 0-60 time, and just like other automakers showing some self-driving capabilities, including adaptive cruise control.

One thing left Tesla has to do before the end of 2014 is the details on the Roadster battery replacement program – price, capacity, procedure. Unless those slipped out while I wasn’t paying attention. Sure its not a high priority, but I believe they said they’d have the details worked out by end of 2014.

I am not sure they would even use an event for that. The fact that they are going to offer that has made me wonder if higher capacity batteries are going to be “something else.”

I could see the need to bump it up a little for Model X. Not sure if it would make back over to Model S.

While it might be nice to have a little higher pack capacity for Model X, the timing of the Model X production is not good for changing batteries. They should keep the same battery pack as the Model S to leverage the volume production of that pack. The Roadster on the other hand is a good vehicle for real world testing a new battery cell. It’s inherently low volume and yet they have to have the ability to produce new packs for those customers that pre-paid for replacements. That is getting difficult because the original Roadster cells are no longer in production.

My theory is they would get new (higher capacity) 18650 cells from Panasonic. Not needing to change the pack format. But I could be totally wrong.

Don’t count on it Anthony. Elon also said the battery swapping stations were going to be opening many months ago. And whatever happened to the Chademo adapter that’s been “coming soon” since forever?

what letter in Drive Assist would he be ‘glad he didn’t’ include?

DA is a yawn, telegraphed and unworthy of a press event, or much consumer interest, even if Properly applied.

P, as in ‘P’roduction X, with exterior changes and interior reveal is my vote.
Interior is key..

I interpreted that differently – in that he was saying how amused he was with the innuendo filled speculation, so revealing the other letter (X in my opinion) would have deflated all the jokes by making it more obvious what he meant. In this context, you’re right that A doesn’t make sense. If anything, driver assist could be a feature of the P85D rather than be it’s own big reveal.

Meh. “Unveil the D and show some A” is amusing enough not to rule it out.

What time is this reveal?

Probably just after the internet explodes. 😉

For some reason, all of Tesla’s reveals lately have been at night. The Model X, the battery swapping, the SpaceX Dragon 2. So I’m guessing night.

The event starts at 7 pm PST. No live stream of the event though.

If you look at the picture it sure looks like a Model S with it’s headlights. The picture that shows a Model S P85D – that seems to be what is behind the garage door. And the D probably stands for dual motor.

I am certain electric cars will go towards 4 electric motors in the future, as standard. Not for increased power, but for increased safety. With 4 independent motors there could be something called torque vectoring. Look at Rimac Concept One which has four motors that can use different torque depending on the situation. This feature will be a blessing on slippery roads for example.

“Something else” is probably driver’s assist. Quite boring maybe, but 50 years from now this day could be seen as when it happened – the first self driving feature in a car was announced in 10/9/2014 by Tesla Motors.

I hope to see a bigger battery, like 100 or 110 kWh. And a wagon model. But the wagon would probably not happen until Tesla has a manufacturing facility in Europe.



“’Something else’ is probably driver’s assist. Quite boring maybe, but 50 years from now this day could be seen as when it happened – the first self driving feature in a car was announced in 10/9/2014 by Tesla Motors.”

Tesla will not be the first to have a self driving feature in car. Infinity already beat them to it.

Mercedes too. And Audi. And…

Elon has his own plans and timing, for sure, but an interesting something else would be a Limo Stretch of the X, with 500 miles Range!
Also, having new pack sizes of 75 kWh and 100 kWh would qualify as interesting additions!

Could “something else” be the Vision Gran Turismo?