Revealed: MatchBox And Hot Wheels Tesla Model S


Matchbox Tesla Model S.

Matchbox Tesla Model S.

Would you like to buy a Tesla Model S for a few dollars? No, seriously. We’re not kidding…

Matchbox Tesla Model S.

Matchbox Tesla Model S.

All it’s missing is the electric propulsion system, and it’s precisely 99.9844% smaller.

Matchbox & Hot Wheels released their own die cast units of the Tesla Model S EV.

Now, as you can see above, the Matchbox version is very well-detailed, while the Hot Wheels version below… uhhhh, well:

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S… with a big spoiler and very sparkly paint…

Hot Wheels Tesla Model S… with a big spoiler, a goofy chin splitter, and very sparkly paint…

Nevertheless, we are happy to finally see some type of die cast version of the Tesla Model S.

Personally, I grew up playing with model cars like this, and I even had a car rug for them… It’s where it all starts.

So far, we have only seen these two versions, in only the colors seen in the photos.

We wonder if more color choices are in the works. Or, better yet, how about a 1/18 scale model, that is highly detailed throughout?


Seriously Hot Wheels, you can do better!

Source: The Lamley Group, GAS2.

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Matchbox was always the better brand.

Hot Wheels and Matchbox are the same company now (aka Mattel).

They maybe the owned by the same company now, but the Matchbox range that I still have from when I was a boy were all made in England by Lesney Products & Co Ltd and yes they are all still in the boxes that they came in.
I may have to buy just one more now, the Tesla Model S.

Hopefully they will not have the number printed on the hood in the final retail version.

The ones with the printed #s fetch far more value than the regular retail, if those printed #s indicate pre-production versions…which you can’t buy anywhere supposedly 😉

THose of my age will remember Dinky Toys and Corgi Toys, bigger 1/48 scale.
My favorite was the James Bond Aston Martin Corgi.
Really good suspension and bearings! It when fast and far! But not as much as HotWheels…

That was everyone’s favorite, even after the Lotus “Submarine” came out.

Yes, I had Matchboxes, Hotwheels, and Corgi’s.

And if my mother didn’t through them all out when I turned 14, I could probably retire.

I think the door handles are broken, a common complaint about the Model S. So are the doors, which is less common.

What’s the point of the giant tongue sticking out of the back of the silver model? That has to hurt the range.

Matchbox was always the more realistic brand. I’m shamelessly buying this when it comes to stores. It’s going on my desk at work with my other Matchbox cars, but unlike my other cars, I can’t make “Vrrroom” sounds while playing with the Tesla. 🙂

Last I checked both MatchBox & HotWheels are under the same Mattel brand.

You can fetch these on EBay for around $10. However, if you want the good stuff, just wait until the Japanese Tomy brand…

I make wind turbulence sound effects when I play with hot wheels 2008 Tesla roadster.

Are these fully licensed and approved by Tesla Motors?

Does anyone know how hot wheels are distributed? Do they come random assortments in boxes, or are there certain cases that contain a set assortment?

I’ve been looking for a volt for a while and always come up empty. If its truly random, maybe theres a chance some day. If its a set assortment, those may already be done…
And now I can start looking for a Tesla soon :p

Try ebay.

I’m not desperate enough to pay $10 shipping for a $1 toy from the US to Canada.

I just glance at the packs on the shelf whenever I’m in a store with hot wheels.

I’ve seen both versions of the Volt (red earlier, black now) few times, and every time I saw them, there were a lot of them. So here how it works, retailers got batches of same assortment, BUT they may not get the exact batch which contains the vehicles “you” want. IOW, it’s not totally random; it’s random for getting the batches, but if they got the right batches, then “you” can guarantee to get the vehicle you want in that batch, provided that someone else hasn’t gotten it first. So it’s really time wasting to wait for the right batch – and if you are lucky enough, chances are, the vehicle you want may be sold already. EBay & Amazon will save you TONS of TIME. Some retailers on eBay also sold multiple vehicles of the same kind – that’s how you save money, e.g. some may sell 4 HW Teslas or mix of HW/MB Teslas for $15. Aim for those. Now – think about why these retailers (usually not companies, but individuals) can get 4-5 “hot” vehicles for sale at the same time? Hint: they are probably employee of those companies that sell HW/MB, got them in the storage… Read more »

“Toys-r-Us” has them in blister packs, you can see it before you buy it.

Those are the ones I’m referring to – the cases of those that the toy store gets, are they random or a fixed list of models in a case.

I know the volt falls under city (blue border) and is a red vehicle. Easy to skim the aisle for them.

I can finally afford to buy the car of my dreams! 🙂

The Hot Wheels one is on eBay

Definitely waiting for the Matchbox

And there are some bigger scale Model S’s on eBay as well, not 1/18 but 1/32 i think

Would love to see a Tamiya kit, though, in 1/24. Lots os detail , great quality

I have been checking every store I walk past for years waiting for these to pop up. Have a bunch of friends kids that will be getting them as soon as these cars cross my path.