Return Of Elux/Fisker Karma Teased For April 2015

APR 7 2015 BY JAY COLE 11

If you go to “the New Fisker” website today, you are greeted with something a little different.

Specifically, the re-launch for the plug-in, extended range Karma this April 2015 – or at least that appears to be the message.  Currently the whole content of the site is just a picture and a few words, “It’s On, Luxury Energized, Energy Optimized” and “Introducing April 2015”

Website aside, what we do know is that new Fisker owner, Wanxiang has already missed its promise to deliver a new, updated Karma by this past February.  Perhaps in part because the car’s assembly line was torn down at it’s Valmet Automotive’s Uusikaupunki plant in December – which makes it hard to deliver new product.  It would seem the two sides never reached an agreement to re-start and Valmet got tired of waiting.

Whatever the reason for past missed launches, the company is apparently looking to announce a “do over” on getting the Karma in production again.

It Was Just A Year Ago When The Newly Relaunch "New Fisker" Promised A "New Day" - Apparently That Day Is Sometime This Month

It Was Just Over A Year Ago When The Newly Re-launched “New Fisker” Website Promised A “New Day” – Apparently That Day Is Sometime This Month

Two Year's Ago, Wanxiang's Fisker Website Looked Like This

Two Year’s Ago, Fisker’s Website Looked Like This

This past February, Reuter’s reported that the brand would be renamed the Elux (don’t go to – it is still a vacuum cleaner maker), and that the new Elux Karma would be “based heavily on Henrik Fisker’s original Karma design,” but with Wanxiang spending “millions” to update the car’s hardware to enable it to better compete with newer vehicles.

When we first saw the teaser picture (despite its hugeness) we thought it looked strangely familiar.

After going back into the archives, it appears as though the “new Fisker” is using stock graphics from 4 years ago – just with the logo photoshopped out.

You’d think they could have at least taken a new photograph?

So at least for now we are going to keep our excitement in check.

"The New Fisker Karma" And The "Old Fisker Karma"?

“The New Fisker Karma” And The “Old Fisker Karma”?

Hat tip to Autoblog for noticing the change first!

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By “millions of upgrades” I assume this means they put a fuse in the radiator fan so that next time the garage doesn’t burn down?

Let’s all believe it when we see it.

Good luck.

I don’t know if the Fisker Karma was salvageable. Too many little bugs & design issues. Too inefficient. Too little interior space.

Perhaps the Atlantic had something good.

I agree. The Atlantic showed much more potential than the Karma. The Karma is basically a Cadillac ELR competitor, and we see how ELR sales are.

Fisker had a deal with BMW to provide the engine for the Atlantic, making it for all intents and purposes a BMW competitor with a battery extender. Basically a 2016 BMW 3-Series PHEV competitor like from this story a few months ago:

That has more market potential in my opinion. BMW is technically still an investor in New Fisker as part of the bankruptcy terms (all the creditors got together and selected the offer that gave them partial equity in New Fisker over the offer that just gave them cash.) So who knows what the future will bring.

UNLESS THEY “CHANGE EVERYTHING” including the “NAME” #1, then the Style & Start From “Absolute Scratch”
…..WHICH .BTW …They could have done Without Buying This Tainted Residue..(((Seen this happen in the Past Numerous times))))
..Does DeLorean Ring A Bell? AVANTI…Etc: &… These were Decent Cars..Unlike Our Subject Car .(Hope I’m Wrong)

ja — Relax, take your twitchy finger off of your Caps Lock key, take a chill pill, and let the new company show us what they can do. The open hostility is unwarranted.

Nix … you are in no position to lecture others about taking a chill pill

Atlantic also seemed much more viable as well economically.

New Fisker was talking about bringing Karma manufacturing to the United States, closer to the A123 battery plant their parent company owns in Michigan. (Along with a bunch of other car parts plants their parent company owns.)

If they are actually manufacturing Karma’s in the US, then the assembly line being torn down over at Valmet is actually a sign of progress. Out with the old factory, in with the new.

I guess we will have to wait until April 2015…