Report: June 2nd VIP Tour, Private Model 3 Viewing, Q&A With Tesla Designer

JUN 3 2017 BY JAY COLE 13

The winners from Tesla’s sixth referral program had their VIP Tesla factory tour and “private Model 3” viewing event yesterday in Fremont, and thankfully Tesla social media personality DÆrik (& number 1 referrer in the world last year according to Tesla) was their and gave a personal account.

The video above gives the full run-down of the event which also included a Q & A with Tesla’s Chief Designer – Franz von Holzhausen.

Overall, the Model 3 experience was fairly underwhelming as reports were that the car on display was an Alpha unit that no one was allowed to make eye-contact with.  Ok, people were able to look at it, but that was it; no sitting inside, no Model 3 drives.

However, the interview with Franz gave some interesting information on the Model 3 backstory, of which DÆrik took some detailed notes and passed all of that along in the video above.  Enjoy!

Update (video below):  A second video recap of the event, this time from Trevor Page (of Tesla Model 3 Owners Club) has been posted to the internet – unfortunately in cell/vertical format…but you take what you can get!  (thanks to Peter for tip!)

Tesla Invite Model 3 Viewing

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Hm. Alpha unit doesn’t inspire confidence regarding Model 3 timeline.

Either a curious treatment of much-promoted “VIPs” by Tesla, or the widely-suspected schedule slip.

The repeated promotion of Model S over Model 3 in recent weeks might also point in the same direction.

Unless I’m misreading something.

Certainly a disrespecting of “VIP’s” with a basically know nothing “tour”. The got to look at nothing, they got no new information and this from a car that is supposed to go into production in less than 30 days?

What a waste of time.

I would be pissed.

They flew out from Colorado to see a car they could not touch or look inside? They didn’t even get a quick factory tour?

From the glassy eyed looks of the two in the pic above, it looks like the lunch was good.

It is possible they learned about things that they just can’t talk about?

Every visitor was required to sign an NDA?

Seems quite unlikely, and how would Tesla enforce that? It’s not like Tesla is paying you money which you would have to give back if you violated the NDA.

Of course my response above was just a guess. The question is answered definitely on more than one post at the Tesla Motors Club forum. Here is a fairly succinct post:

* * * * *

Trevor Page of Model 3 Owners Club attended this event yesterday. I asked him this very question, did he learn of anything significant at the event that he could not divulge because of NDA, promise, or loyalty. He said nothing was learned that hasn’t already been reported publicly, He said that Tesla remained very tight lipped about the Model 3.

* * * * *


Here’s another video about the Fremont “VIP” event, from another Tesla social media personality (Model 3 Owners Club):

I can only guess that Tesla had some bigger event planned, but something got screwed up and it had to be cancelled at the last minute.

As it is, those who paid for airline tickets to this non-event are not going to be happy at all. Okay, so the food was good. But even an excellent meal isn’t worth paying for a two-way airline ticket plus going thru the hassle of airport screening and the hours of (mostly unnecessary) waiting time that our government now imposes on airline passengers.

Regarding the video: It was interesting to see the reason behind Tesla putting the nosecone on the original Model S, and the reason for removing it for the “refresh”. But otherwise, I learned absolutely nothing from that report.

Puleeze. Tesla basically had no event planned and just hoaxed their “VIPs” or maybe Tesla’s idea of a VIP is different than everyone else’s. For the VIP’s it was a classic “Emperor’s New Clothes”, they are all agog and everyone else is “WTF Dude? You were pranked?”

For the rest of us, still waiting on the facts on the Model 3. No preview.