Report: Opel To Launch Fully Electric Vehicle In Next 2.5 Years

APR 7 2014 BY JAY COLE 9

Much like in the United States with CARB, the EU has their own emission targets that all large auto makers must achieve.

With Ad Spots Like This How Did The Ampera Not Sell Better?

With Ad Spots Like This How Did The Ampera Not Sell Better?

According to a report by Automobilwoche on Sunday, General Motors plans to achieve those emission and fuel economy goals in part by introducing an inexpensive, fully electric compact car via their Opel brand no later than 2017.

This EV will be downstream from the poor selling Opel Ampera (~3,100 sold in Europe for 2013, good for 9th overall) which starts at around 38,000 euros ($52,000 USD),

The petrol version of this electric compact car would fit in as part of Opel’s new ‘city car’ offensive (below the Adam) – which is designed to be priced around 10,000 euros ($13,700 USD) and do battle with Volkswagen’s new Up subcompact.

Opel has yet to comment on those new developments, but we feel quite confident it is accurate.

Unfortunately for those looking for a new BEV offering from GM, it seems reasonable that the Chevrolet Spark EV – which was originally destined to fill the roll of ’emissions savior’ for GM in Europe this year; and of which, has since been cancelled, is likely going to be replaced with a new BEV.

Just looking at the stated timing of a new battery electric vehicle for Europe, the Chevrolet brand itself is scheduled to exit Europe by the end of next year, and the next generation Spark is expected to debut as the Opel Spark in early 2016, but a plug will not be part of the package.  So a new Opel EV of some kind has to be in the works – likely based on a US version.

Automobilwoche (via Reuters), hat tip to Mart!

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At $52,000 USD, is it any wonder the Opel Ampera only sold ~3,100 in all of Europe in 2013?
The focus ev is similarly more expensive, even though the euro model will be built in the heart of Europe.

Under these circumstances, I can’t imagine a full ev with any useful range being possible at 10T usd.
I hope that I am wrong though.

I think you got that wrong. Opel is reported to bring a new tiny car on the market at a price range of about 10k €. Actually, they already have the Adam and Agila in that Segment, but sales can’t compete with a VW Up.
I would guess that they would just replace the Agila with the Spark and on top of that will introduce a Opel Spark EV, which probably costs a bit more that a Chevrolet Spark EV at that time.

Well, both the Ampera and the Focus Electric have been priced at 2-3 times the price of the Chevrolet/Focus equavilent.
There are cheaper and better cars from more respected brands avaliable.
They would probably need to get down to at least only 1,5 times the price of the equavilent to sell big.

Well . . . expanding the market for the Spark EV is good news. It is currently available in California, Oregon, and South Korea. Go ahead and add Europe.

It was thoughtful of GM to provide the insulated rubber safety boots for the two Spark mechanics. They should be very safe in those. 😉

It is just amazing that traditional car companies still refuses to bring large luxury electric vehicles into market. Electric vehicles are making perfect economic sense among the premium category and they could sell annually few million cars today. But instead car companies are producing small overpriced compact cars that have too short range and they are utterly depended on government subsidies.

Perhaps the last word is the key.

But of course: better for Tesla!

But tide is changing. Even Top Gear announced that Model S is just superior to similarly priced Maserati Ghibli.

We must remember that Tesla does not have superior technological advantage. It is just that others do not even try.

Hey Jay – That photograph of Ampera really needs tobe in an InsideEVs photo caption contest!

Here’s my entry:

Guy on left to guy on right: “Here on the planet White our girlbots don’t have kickstands so we just lean them against the wall”

It is hard to compare German and US list prices of cars. First of all, German list prices always contain 19% sales tax, while US prices are excluding sales tax. Second, Germans expect to get AT LEAST 10% discount when buying a car, often even more. I once asked for a price quote for the Volt, and actually got an offer at around 34.000 € including sales tax, or 28.500 € net.

The reasons, that the Volt/Ampera does not sell so well in Germany are manyfold: There is no tax credit (that helped the EV market “jump start” in the US), there is the Autobahn problem (a car limited to 100 Mph is not nice, if people around you go 125 Mph and beyond), and market start in Germany was late. Recently, the BMW i3 came out, which is probably a bit better suited towards the needs of the German market.

FYI, the Autobahn … it is not 125 MPH, it is 125KMH
People on the Autobahn usually go about 80 MPH.
Only the really Sport cars go 125MPH.

There are also speed limits on there in most spots. There are only a few sections with no Limit.