Report: GM Considers Ending Chevrolet Volt In Favor Of Plug-In Crossover


GM is reportedly considering replacing the Chevrolet Volt next generation with a plug-in crossover due to falling passenger car sales

It is no secret that the passenger car segment is dying in the US.

Now according to a new report, GM is considering removing six passenger cars from the US market after 2020, and one of them is the Chevrolet Volt.

And while we would be sad to see one of the “original” plug-in offerings for this generation of electric vehicles leave the market place (first launched in December of 2010), it would not be anytime soon as the 2nd generation Volt only just arrived in the Fall of 2015.

GM originally considered offering a utility version of the 1st generation Volt, perhaps the 3rd generation Voltec platform will indeed see this change

The current Chevrolet Volt is said to stick around until at least 2022, and if it were to be discounted, the Volt would be replaced with a new extended range, plug-in crossover model (product planning at “big auto” typically kicks off around ~4 years ahead of the actual launch of a new offering).

Return of the MPV5/CrossVolt model that we thought might see a green light years ago?

Specific to the decision, are talks GM is currently having with the UAW about the falling production levels at the Volt’s assembly plant in Hamtramck, Michigan, and also production of vehicles in Lordstown, Ohio – and working on potential solutions to fix those situation.

Namely, out with the cars, in with more utility vehicles.  GM’s passenger vehicle production is reported as being off ~32% in the first half of 2017.

According to Reuters, the president of the United Auto Workers is now working with GM to try and find a solution to the scaling back of jobs, and the possible threat to the plants themselves that find a too car-heavy production mix.

“We are talking to (GM) right now about the products that they currently have” at underused car plants such as Hamtramck in Michigan and Lordstown in Ohio, and whether they might be replaced with newer, more popular vehicles such as crossovers, Dennis Williams told reporters.

“We are tracking it (and) we are addressing it,” Williams added.

Sources familiar with the matter say the other cars are also the potential chopping block for the US are: the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CT6, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Sonic.  Of those six (including the Volt), all but the Chevrolet Sonic and Cadillac XTS are built at the Hamtramck, Michigan facility.

Which you you rather own: A 2023 Chevrolet Volt, or 2023 Chevrolet Crossover PHEV?

According to analyst John Murphy at BoA Merrill Lynch, GM has already begun shifting its focus from cars to trucks and utility vehicles.

Hey Inside the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet MPV5

Murphy estimates less than 10% of new offerings over the next 4 years introduced by GM will be passenger cars.

As an indication of that changing momentum, GM is set to add production of its the new Cadillac XT4 crossover to its Fairfax, Kansas plant that currently builds the Malibu next year.

The ~$250 million dollar investment was originally intended for GM’s all-passenger car Orion Assembly plant in Michigan, that currently builds the Chevrolet Sonic and Chevrolet Bolt EV (with the Buick Verano discontinued last year).

In a perfect world, we would like to see the Chevrolet Volt be a long term legacy model/flagship for GM, and for the 53 mile, extended range car be complimented with a plug-in crossover in the future…not replaced.


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115 responses to "Report: GM Considers Ending Chevrolet Volt In Favor Of Plug-In Crossover"
  1. Fishhawk says:

    Hands down, I would take a Voltec crossover before I would take another Volt. I’ve got 2 Gen 1 Volts, and really need to replace one since my wife has some knee issues and it’s hard for her to get in and out of the Volt.

    Unfortunately, I can’t wait until 2023. I need it now!

    1. Fishhawk says:

      Btw, GM’s failure to deliver a crossover has me considering the Pacifica, though the launch issues and recall are definitely turnoffs.

      1. Dave86 says:

        I’ve always believed that GM should have made the Volt as a crossover in the first place. You can alway try to sell a crossover to a sedan shopper, but you can’t always sell a sedan to a crossover shopper who is looking for some utility.

        The other thing is that GM should have badged the Volt as a Buick, not a Chevy. Badging the vehicle as a Buick would have helped sell the vehicle given the higher sticker price. Also, as a Buick the Volt would serve as a halo car for the brand, helping to improve the perception of Buick.

        1. TwoVolts says:

          The ‘Buick’ brand has little appeal in the USA. Chevy was the correct choice. Buick is alive for one reason today – years ago, they reached legendary, mythical status among the emerging Chinese shoppers. China saved Buick as a brand.

          1. Mikey says:

            I don’t agree with that. Buicks are VERY nice cars. I’m young and I like them. Acuras and Lexuses have become the lux-boats for the elderly, and BMWs and Audis have ridden the austere Teutonic style into the sunset. Buicks are classier and more comfortable than either. I don’t care if it doesn’t do as well on the Nürburgring if all I do is drive it on the highway. They’re extremely reliable too. What’s not to love?

            1. Rich says:

              Well said

            2. Asak says:

              Personally, the word Buick brings to mind a stodgy car driven by someone in their 70s. Fair or not, I’d rather get a Chevy.

              1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

                Sadly, both viewpoints are true here. Buicks are indeed very nice, comfortable cars. And unfortunately, the brand has become saddled with the public image of being stodgy “Grandma cars”.

                GM is obviously using its TV commercials to fight the image of Buicks as being only for senior citizens, but I don’t think they have had much success at that.

                Who knows? If the Volt had been badged as a Buick, perhaps that would have been just what the Buick badge needed to shed its image of “cars for old fogeys”.

                IMHO, badging a car as high-priced as the Volt as a Chevy was a stupid marketing decision. The Volt simply isn’t in the price range of those shopping for a Chevy. Perhaps badging the Volt as a Buick wouldn’t have made sales any better, but it’s hard to see how a Buick badge would have made them worse!

                1. ClarksonCote says:

                  Personally, if they do away with the Volt, I’d like to see them make a Voltec trim of many popular cars. Malibu, Malibu Hybrid, Malibu Voltec, Equinox, Equinox Hybrid, Equinox Voltec, etc.

                  1. SJC says:

                    A plug hybrid Equinox would sell, do both.

                2. ziv says:

                  I live in a very well to do section of Northern Virginia, and the Buick Encore is starting to show up in a lot of driveways of very expensive homes. These are fairly status and style conscious women for the most part and they are buying a Buick that happens to sit on the Gamma II platform. You would think that GM might have figured out that an EREV drivetrain option for an Encore-like Voltec vehicle would have been a huge hit, even if it only got 45 miles of AER.

            3. CLIVE says:

              What’s not to love?

              Resale value!

            4. John Ray says:

              The old joke used to be that a Buick is the last car you will ever own. Get it? They are very nice cars and always have been. Disclaimer: we own an Enclave. However, as a brand, they are kind of lost. I can tell when I talk to the salesmen about new products when we go in for service. GM won’t really let them have a performance car (no Grand National). Cadillac has the luxury/performance segment. Their products are just nicer Chevrolets. So really, what’s their angle? Well, their service has always been top notch – at least for us. They give us loaners for even the smallest thing. But still, I think GM may have one brand too many.

            5. Jacked Beanstalk says:

              Buicks are ugly geezer cars and should come with a lifetime supply of Old Spice deoderant.

              The last Buick I drove was an Encore. The steering was entirely numb, the car wallowed and handled like a road barge, and the car was so underpowered it reminded me of my first car, an ’81 Chevette.

              I would never buy a Volt if it were a Buick, because I like to DRIVE. If I want to go boating I’ll find a lake.

              1. Maury Miloff says:

                Great writing. Made ma laugh out loud!

          2. Dave86 says:

            I totally agree that Buick has little appeal in the USA today. That’s the problem. Buick has been completely over run by BMW, Lexus, Acura, Audi, etc. I enjoyed one poster’s humor: “Buick is the last car you’ll ever own”.

            GM needs to rebuild the Buick brand and go compete with Audi, BMW, Lexas, Acura, etc. Imagine that! One way to rebuild the Buick brand is for GM to create some “halo” vehicles, and one type of halo vehicle would use the new power train technology – like Voltec.

            Where I come from (I work in high tech in the PNW – think “people who make $$$” & buy brand new cars), nobody wants to drive a Chevy. As a result of someone wrote in this forum a couple of weeks ago, I went out into the parking lot where I work and took inventory. I walked by over 300 cars and only 11 of them were Chevys! Of the 11 Chevys, 4 were Volts! Oh, and nobody here drives a Corvette, LOL.

            GM should have badged the Bolt & Volt as Buicks to act as halo products to help rebuild that brand. (Better styling for the Bolt assumed…)

            1. Jacked Beanstalk says:

              There’s no rebuilding the brand. Even the name sounds old and tepid. Say it: “Buick.”

              Apparently they’re GM’s most popular name plate in China so it would be best for GM to isolate that brand to China after all the potential Buick buyers in the US die off in a few years.

              All they need is two divisions, one mainstream and one upscale. VW/Porsche, Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura.

        2. TwoVolts says:

          I agree with your first point completely – just not the ‘Buick’ thing.

          1. Tom says:

            Revive the Saturn brand

            1. Asak says:

              Actually reviving the Saturn brand as specific for electrified vehicles is a decent idea. It also sounds space age!

            2. CLIVE says:

              Stabilize the GM brand first.

            3. JIMJFOX says:

              Rename it ‘Uranus’. Gotta love uranus!
              “Any color you want- as long as it’s BROWN.”

        3. John Ray says:

          Amen. My wife won’t even consider a car. It’s an SUV or bust for her.

          1. JD says:

            I vote for her getting a bust.

            1. JIMJFOX says:


          2. Mr. M says:

            +1 for bust

      2. Angelina says:

        If you like the Pacifica then you would love the Terrain Equinox or Tranverse

    2. TwoVolts says:

      Me too, Fishhawk. I agree. I also have two Gen 1 Volts. The Volts are great cars – but I wouldn’t want to take either one on a vacation road trip – so we have a 3rd ICE vehicle with room and range for family road trips. I would rather take both Volts on vacation than buy a Chrysler minivan – PHEV or not. If GM can design a stylish and practical PHEV CUV, it will be a commercial success – even as the EV tax credits are waning. I’m certain GM can outdesign the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – if they want to. They should’ve done it years ago.

    3. jerry says:

      Same here but by 2022 batteries will be so cheap and 100kw+ chargers common, what is the point of the ICE?
      They should have 4 yrs ago brought out CUV/Station wagon, Van and pickup.
      But like the EV-1, Bolt again, GM blows their lead again.

    4. Koenigsegg says:

      You don’t need it. Thats the thing. You think you do but you dont. And thats where you stop thinking. Not a good way of thinking either.

      1. John Ray says:

        But that’s not how it works. Eveyone’s needs are different. We have four kids, so clearly our needs are different from a lot of folks. We have to have a vehicle that can carry seven on occasion. So, until someone offers a reasonably priced SUEV (Sport Utility Electric Vehicle), it will have to be an ice SUV.

      2. Mr. M says:

        I would go so far and say no one needs a car except for medical reasons (emergency transports).

        No one will die if cars will be banished. If you have a supermarket closer than 25 miles you are able to walk there within one day. It’s just nicer to drive. If you drive closer than 40 miles to your work you can go there by bike, a 2-3h drive each way.

        People often confuse need (to stay alive) with want (because it saves a workload of travel time).

    5. John Squire says:

      The Kia But I plug in Hybrid is suppose to be ready by January. GM should get on the ball now or the Koreans will leave them in the dust.

      1. Tom says:

        Waiting ever so patiently for either a Niro PHEV or those cool new pair of CUV PHEV promised from Hyundai/Kia.

        I used to have 2 Hyundai’s 15 years ago. Cheap great transportation. Been close a few times to buying again. In March I rented a Kia minivan on a trip and had heard the Audi design dude had gone there. I did a stint with an Audi A3 from 2011 to 2016 and the design, ride, and drive simply made me want to find excuses to drive it or just sit in it and admire the perfection. The electronics? Not so much. Horror of horrors. Anyway when I sat in that minivan I was at home. The Audi touch and feel of the radio knob was the first thing I tested…I must turn the volume knob and feel the gentle precision of the ‘click click click’ only the insanely obsessed engineer would put in. Like turning the dial of a scope on a Mauser sniper rifle. And then I heard of the Niro. Oh my…that’s my car. I LOVE the wagon. My A3 and before that my Jetta sportwagon. And before that even my Hyundai Elantra wagon (2000). But I need a little more clearance than just a wagon. I live in snow country. Oh yes the Niro HAS IT. Not too much mind you. So I went to the dealer and sat in one last week. Yep. But I must wait. I want the PHEV. OR I want to wait and compare to the AWD CUV that is promised. But yes. The Koreans are coming. And they are not taking prisoners. They have been taking market share for 20 years in the US. At first they laughed. And then they sighed. And then they cried as the Korean brands became the most American brand with the highest percentage of vehicles built in the US.

    6. John says:

      Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is already out

      1. CVVH says:

        Except that ithey were all recalled, and won’t be available again until 2018, probably. It really bummed me out.

    7. CLIVE says:

      Go try the i3 for a 3 day extended test drive and then wait for the 200+ miler to come out it is very organic & natural to sit in, drive, and get in and out of.

    8. You says:

      Just because your wife is overweight doesn’t mean the Volt has no room.

      I take care of myself and am very skinny and have way more room than needed in my Volt.

      I would never want an SUV. They are lame and look ugly.

  2. Texas FFE says:

    I don’t want to ever buy anything that burns gas again but I’ll take a BEV crossover.

    1. Bolt says:


      No more Co2 please, particularly in the south we are already feeling the effects

      1. CLIVE says:

        Model Y

  3. fred says:

    We’ve been saying there needs to be a crossover EV for years. Maybe, eventually it will come to pass. Pacifica isn’t really out yet. Outlander is still not out. Model X is a flop. They need to redo the X without automatic front doors and without gull wing and drop the price a bunch. It would outsell the S for sure if it were decent.

    1. Dave86 says:

      Model X is a “weird science experiment”. Had Tesla just built a “normal” SUV (no gull wing doors and no back sloping roof line), then it would have been a huge hit.

      The other thing that is “weird” is no Outlander in the USA. At this point in time, any discussion of the Outlander coming to the USA is “fake news”.

      1. Vexar says:

        For its market segment, as a premium crossover, I think it is eighth in the market. There’s certainly more Model X than Porsche Cayman in my town. Tesla is eating certain brands for lunch. I think what you’re after is the more affordable, less luxurious Model Y. To be continued…

        1. John Ray says:

          No, what he wants is what he described. A full size, reasonably priced, all electric normal SUV with seating for seven. Last I checked, the Cayman was a two seat sports car. You probably mean Cayenne, which last I checked only seats 5. The Model Y promises to be smaller and I will be surprised if it has seating for more than 5. Yep, Tesla missed.

          1. Tom says:

            The point is still valid. The X is king of the $130,000 SUV market by a mile.

            1. Mr. M says:

              The outlander might not be cheap. But its certainly more affordable than the model X.

        2. Dave86 says:

          The big problem I have with the falcon doors is they interfere with putting stuff up on a roof rack.

          The problem I have with the rear sloping roof is that I frequently haul stuff in the back of my SUV, like appliances. (Hauling a dishwasher this weekend.)

          I’m extremely disappointed that the stupid falcon doors will be included with Model Y. It’s a potential deal killer. I’m a skier and want the option of putting a “sky box” up on the roof to haul skis.

    2. Tech01x says:

      How exactly is coming in at #3 plug-in in the U.S. last year a flop? It outsold everything except the Model S and the Volt.

      It outsold the X5 xDrive40e, Porsche Cayenne S-E, Volvo XC90 T8, the GLE 500e put together by almost double.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        His mind is made up about the Model X. Don’t confuse him with the facts!

  4. Paul says:

    GM told me at the DC autoshow that the new platform is designed for an electric based crossover. They just wouldn’t commit to a timeframe.

    1. William Edwards says:

      Reminds me of the original Volt design…before it was death by a thousand cuts in order to manufacture.

  5. Mikael says:

    *sigh*… they don’t need to replace models. They need to add models, all electric and range-extended EVs.

    Keep the Volt. Add a few crossovers in different sizes, some SUVs, a minivan, a van a minibus, trucks, boats or whatever…

    They still don’t understand that electric is the only way forward, not a sidetrack while they keep their regular models.

    1. Tom says:

      It’s a great drivetrain. It can be used in other models. It already is getting use in the Malibu I realize but this thing should spread.

      1. iwatson says:

        So they add a plug to the Malibu hybrid and it becomes the Malibu Voltec. They kill the Volt and it’s re-incarnated as the FNR-X / CrossVolt. Everybody’s happy!

  6. Bret says:

    There’s no way I could get my wife to give up her SUV and go back to a car. She drives the dogs around and the grandkid in a car seat, plus a ton of gear.

    I’m looking at a Kia Niro when her Sorrento gets near the end. After letting her drive my LEAF, I finally have her talked into going electric. But, she definitely wants more range than my LEAF’s 107 miles.

    1. Koenigsegg says:

      Sounds like you are not the man of the relationship That’s sad

      1. Paul Stoller says:

        You sound like you believe women should be subservient to men rather than co-equal partners, that view seems more sad to me.

      2. says:

        “Sounds like you are not the man of the relationship That’s sad”

        Actually K, you implying that men should dominate every aspect of decision making in a household is what’s sad. There are a few countries in Middle East that are back in time and share your ideology…go join them.

        1. David Cary says:

          I would argue that maybe some people are being a little sensitive.

        2. JIMJFOX says:


      3. iwatson says:

        Happy Wife = Happy life.

  7. David Murray says:

    It’s no secret that when gasoline is cheap, Americans prefer larger vehicles. In fact, that’s been a sales detractor for the Volt since the beginning. People think along the lines of “Gee. if I’m going to spend $30,000 on a vehicle, I want it to be BIG!”

    Myself, I have a preference for smaller cars and I think the Volt is just about perfect. So, I would be sad to see it go. In fact, if there is no 3rd generation Volt, it starts making me wonder why my next electric car would be.

    1. Asak says:

      Yeah, speaking as one, I can attest that Americans largely are idiots.

      1. says:

        They are not idiots…they just like to plan for the things that are least probable to happen.

        1. William says:

          Wow! Or, should I at least say “probably Wow”!

      2. JIMJFOX says:

        Harsh! Speaking as a non-American there are vast numbers of smart non-idiots.

    2. Warren says:

      I am definitely in the minority here. I think the Volt is too big. Love our new Bolt. Wish they made a three door, two seat version.

  8. Koenigsegg says:

    You people are absurd

    Why would I want a large and ugly crossover?

    Sedans are the best and forever will be. SUV’s and Crossovers are lame and ghey and I will NEVER want one.

    People complain about the stupidest little things “uhhh my knees hurt” “uhhhh there’s not enough room”

    Seriously? Grow a pair

    1. Lou Grinzo says:

      Wow, it really takes lot of effort to sound that ignorant in just a couple of posts on one article on this site.

      If you’re trolling: Stop it and go find another hobby.

      If you’re expressing your real views about people with physical challenges (knee issues) or vehicle size requirements different from yours, then I respectfully suggest you stop posting for a while and read. You’ll learn a lot here about electric cars, markets, how people use vehicles, etc. I certainly have.

      1. JIMJFOX says:

        Lou Grinzo– Well said indeed. When/IF this person turns 70, say he’ll be thinking ‘what a dopey blighter I was back then’

    2. CCIE says:

      Are you European? Because in the US (the market GM most cares about) crossovers & SUVs are king. It’s not even worth debating. American’s want what they want.

      1. ffbj says:

        To an extent, but you also want what GM wants you too want. Yes. You want this over-sized monstrosity of a truck,(x10k) and eventually you do.

        1. John Ray says:

          If GM doesn’t give the market what it wants, someone else will. What do you want them to fall on some altruistic sword? If the Volt isn’t selling in adequate numbers to justify its existence, then a change needs to be made.

          1. ClarksonCote says:

            GM is a bit short sighted if they ditch passenger cars. The Cruze was wildly successful just yesterday. They need a diverse lineup to be ready for what demand may come as a result of changing gas prices, consumer priorities, etc.

            1. Tahoe Bear says:

              Haven’t we been asking them to do that since
              the days?
              So. Slow…

              1. Tahoe Bear says:

                Ugh.. Meant to reply to your last comment.
                But still…

        2. CCIE says:

          I use my Spark EV as my daily driver. But, I don’t really enjoy driving it with anyone else in it. I’m a bigger guy and I like to have a lot space around me in a car. I also like a higher seating position. So, given the option and a decent price, I’d be driving a mid-size EV/PHEV SUV. I don’t like those things because GM tells me I should, it’s just personal preference.

          I was just in the UK and my rental got upgraded from a Focus to a Mercedes GLE 350 Diesel. Beautiful mid-size SUV with tons of low end power. But it was a little too big for the roads over there. So, I understand why the Europeans like small cars. But in the US we have wide lanes and shoulders on our roads, along with cheap gas. So, larger cars are practical.

    3. Tom says:

      Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

    4. ffbj says:

      Funny, there really is sardonic logic to your train of thought. I mean to each is own, but CUV’s really are pretty homely,and are pointless for many, plus in smaller road European cities they are probably a hassle too. Everyone hates you ’cause you hog up the road with your huge vehicle.

      1. Ambulator says:

        This makes me wonder: Does GM call the Ampera-e a CUV in Europe like it does the Bolt here?

    5. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “People complain about the stupidest little things ‘uhhh my knees hurt’ “uhhhh there’s not enough room”

      “Seriously? Grow a pair”

      I really have to wonder about people who are so self-centered and clueless that they think everyone ought to have the same needs and desires as they do. How do they function in everyday society with that attitude?

      Fortunately, most of us outgrow that childish behavior as we become an adult.

      But then, what should we expect from a Neanderthal who believes no married woman should be allowed to choose what car she drives?

      1. John Ray says:

        My guess is he sits home alone every night wishing he had a woman to order him around.

  9. Asak says:

    Isn’t a crossover version of the Volt basically the Bolt? Maybe they’ll just rebadge a single vehicle as either the Volt or Bolt depending on whether it has a gas range extender?

    I have mixed feelings about this. I really like the Volt. The Gen 2 is already a hatchback even if it’s still more of a sedan shape. Also, sales of the Volt have only been going up (starting from a low level), so it seems kind of questionable to axe it.

    Five years is a long time. For all we know CUVs and SUVs may be going out of style by the time we get to 2022. It’s hard to see gas getting expensive again, but then again when it was over $100 nobody thought it would ever be $40 again.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “Isn’t a crossover version of the Volt basically the Bolt?”

      The categories which are used to describe cars have unfortunately become rather fuzzy over the past several years, but I think they’re talking about a car which would be somewhat larger on the outside than the Bolt EV. As roomy as it is inside, it is described as being “tall and narrow”, with limited hip and shoulder room.

      Personally, I’d describe the Bolt EV as a “hatchback” rather than a “CUV”; the latter designation suggests to me a car which is larger on the outside.

      1. John Ray says:

        The Bolt is definitely a hatchback. In my mind, CUVs come in many sizes from the RAV4 to the Buick Enclave.

        1. Don Zenga says:

          So what differentiates a Hatchback from CUV.
          Please clarify.

          1. Dave86 says:

            Being from the Pacific Northwest, in my mind a CUV has AWD.

            To me, a CUV is:
            – unibody construction (not intended for off road use)
            – AWD
            – utility in the back end (hatch or rear door, but no trunk)

            1. BenG says:

              And a CUV has at least slightly more ground clearance than a typical sedan or hatchback.

              So, take the Bolt, lift it 2″, add 6″ to the rear of the vehicle and include a rear motor, providing AWD without compromising interior space and you’ve got a CUV version.

  10. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    If GM is really going to put a robust, Volt-like PHEV powertrain into a CUV, then this has the potential to be the most significant news in the EV revolution, ever! Even more significant than all of Tesla’s achievements.

    However, a great deal of caution is in order here. If GM puts a relatively long-range, robustly designed (again, like the Volt) PHEV CUV into production, then will they make and sell all the market will bear, as they did with the Volt in its early years? Or will they limit production and avoid promoting the car, like they are with the Bolt EV?

    Much as I’m a fan of Tesla, it will be at least several years, and possibly many years, before that company can ramp up production to make much of a dent in the approx. 88.1 million cars and light trucks made every year. Contrariwise, if GM really commits to switching a significant portion of its production over to Plug-in EVs (PEVs), that alone will make the EV a mainstream product. That would start a snowball effect of accelerating PEV sales, which would swiftly bring an end to the gasmobile era.

    I’ll be watching for more news on this subject with very keen interest!

    Up the rEVolution!

    1. Get Real says:

      2023 huh???

      GM is so squandering their opportunities now and even going back 5 years and going forward when they sit on class-leading technology but refuse to leverage it into the rest of the important segments.

      Reminds me of the bookd GM gave many of us early Volt owners, Chevrolet Volt:Charging into the Future:

      There is a part where Lutz talks about walking around an auto show with an old retired GM engineer who preceded to point out the many automotive technologies that GM invented or had early prototype leads on but never brought to production before rival OEMs did like hybrid tech.

      GM seems to forever be blessed with great engineering and design but cursed with rearward-thinking management and culture to afraid to lead and exploit their advantages.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        “2023 huh???”

        Yeah, okay, you got me, I wasn’t thinking about the time frame of 2023 when writing that post talking about this possibly being the most important EV news ever. By 2023, that news may be no more than a footnote in the history of the EV revolution!

  11. ModernMarvelFan says:

    Well, they should just drop the Cruze diesel and offer Cruze PHEV and convert Volt to a Crossover based on Equinox but with Voltec powertrain.

    This is how you get more value out of the investment!

  12. Bill Howland says:

    Sounds like the public is clamoring for a LARGER vehicle. The BOLT ev is a ‘cross over’ kinda but it is a bit small for many people, although equivalent to the “S”, and larger than the VOLT.

    Perhaps there is a time in the future when batteries are cheaper, and therefore a decently sized 120 kwh vehicle won’t have a huge premium over an equivalent ICE machine, and therefore will be able to go a decent distance even though being a large vehicle.

  13. Scramjett says:

    In a perfect world, GM would be building trainsets, trams, street cars and light rail in addition to electrified vehicles. In a perfect world, we would be getting around on bikes (including e-bikes) and rail transit with cars in the niche. (And bikes would help those with health issues that “necessitate” large cars).

    Having said all that, I agree Jay. I wish GM would keep the Volt as their flagship car and added a voltec crossover. I like my Volt (since I can’t afford a Tesla), and I would like to add a voltec crossover as a second vehicle and keep the volt as a commuter.

    1. Scramjett says:

      I was thinking a little more about Jay’s piece, and it occurred to me that there is actually nothing that indicates GM will actually build a voltec crossover. Just a “well, they want to build more crossovers so a voltec crossover just makes sense” viewpoint. Thing is, it may make sense to us, but GM has a history of doing things that DO NOT make sense (like crush a bunch of EVs).

      I’m not terribly optimistic that they’ll replace the Volt with a voltec crossover! Unless Jay knows something we don’t and can’t share with us yet!

    2. William says:

      If the Volt were to stay on as a GM flagship car, it would be extra cool, if the AER could grow for gen – 3, an additional 15- 20 miles, like roughly the transition from gen -1 to gen – 2. It looks like most respondents, on a 2017 poll (GM Volt Forum), are looking for at least 75 mile range. I would seriously consider that setup, if I could get CNG for the ICE range extender.

      1. Scramjett says:

        I don’t know about a CNG range extender, but I’d be down with 75 miles AER!

  14. menorman says:

    How about they just kill the regular Cruze instead and/or rebadge it as the Cruze hybrid that for all practical purposes, it is?

    1. Scramjett says:

      Or at least offer it as a voltec version of the Cruze

  15. Don Zenga says:

    This is shocking and outrageous. Volt has sold fairly well despite the hesitation from dealers to sell a car with 53 mile EV range and GM itself starting with just 11 states in the first year.

    Go to any dealer and you will find lots of Impala’s and Camaro’s but only a few Volts.
    Of late Volt probably faced competition from Prius Prime which was priced 6K below and now the Model 3 which costs just 1K more and can go an extra 160 miles on battery.

    This type of news will discourage any prospective Volt customer and undermine a brand that is an engineering marvel and a World’s first plugin.

    I would suggest GM wait for 6 more months to see how the Model 3 sales are coming up and if it sells well, probably they can cut $3,000 from the Volt price and supply more units. Definitely it will sell well.

    If Chevy Sonic or Cadillac XTS does not sell well, then that’s a different story altogether.

  16. leafowner says:

    Back in the day we used to call these wagons.

  17. CDAVIS says:

    “GM Considers Ending Chevrolet Volt In Favor Of Plug-In Crossover”

    GM’s #1 consideration EV wise needs to be how will GM provide their EV cars access to a reliable and convenient supercharging network. Without that they stand no chance being competive against Tesla Model 3 & Model Y.

    The Volt technology (be it in a car or SUV/crossover) was always meant to be a bridge solution until such time a supercharger network is in place and Tesla has basically done that making ICE range-extenders obsolete…problem for GM is that their cars can’t plug into that.

  18. Larry says:

    A s a Volt owner, I can attest that almost nobody really understands the genius of the Volt. When I describe how it works, I can almost see their eyes glaze over. I thinks its only problem is that it is just too sophisticated for for the average driver. Sadly that may mean it will just never find a place in the marketplace. As far as SUV’s are concerned, I have no use for one, but if GM made an all-wheel drive EV version, I would trade my Volt and 2003 Forester for one (in 4 years when the Volt is paid off).

  19. CVVH says:

    My wishlist from GM:
    An Corvette EV.
    An Camaro EV.
    Bring back the Sky/Solstice affordable roadster as an EV
    A Cadillac XT4 or smaller XT3 as an EV.

  20. BenG says:

    They should already be in the process of making a CUV version of the second generation Volt. Crazy they are not.

    Lift the chassis a few inches for ground clearance. Lift the seats and the roofline a couple inches and make the seating more upright to improve interior room. Extend the roofline back over the cargo space before sloping down with the window to improve cargo space. Add a small electric motor in the rear (or one for each wheel) to provide AWD capability.

    3rd Generation they need to be planning to put the battery in the floor. The T design was not a bad idea at the time, but it’s inferior to putting the battery in the floor in many ways.

  21. William Edwards says:

    Yes, please build a PHEV that people WANT!

    Am I the only one who recalls the Volt was supposed to be the FIRST of MANY models with the technology? I am still waiting on a model that passengers can actually sit in the back seat with some leg room and not having to bend over to keep their head from hitting the roof.

  22. Jacked Beanstalk says:

    An xVolt could be a hit.

    A Volt CUV would require a new chassis design with a flat battery pack. If they just cram an oblong battery pack into a current platform then passenger/cargo volume suffers and handling is compromised.

    Done right, a Volt CUV’s low center of gravity could confer sporty handling attributes that would dominate ICE CUVs.

    5 years is a good time frame for battery improvements to solve the range issues with the larger, heavier design.

    Please Chevy, make it sexy. Don’t style it like your current CUV/SUV offerings.

  23. Jacked Beanstalk says:

    Too bad about the Sonic, it’s a nice car but it’s looks did it in.

    The competing Ford Focus hatchback is one of the best selling cars in the world, so the problem is clearly GM, not market forces. Build a beautiful hatch that looks and drives like a $30K car and people will buy it.

    And those Focus sales are made despite the car’s defective dry dual clutch transmission. Reliability is hideous yet it still outsells the far more reliable Sonic.

  24. Scoty says:

    Hybrid/PHEV/Full BEV’s SUV/crossovers should of been out first vs cars as they were the original gas guzzlers! MB and BMW leading the pack with a wide variety PHEV SUV’s. GM playing catch up again. Hopefully their higher ups will receive some more multimillion dollar bonuses because of the new thought revelation ! NOT!

  25. Neromanceres says:

    Actually killing the Volt might be a good idea if GM want’s to go mainstream with electrification.

    The Volt was always sort of a halo vehicle. Instead GM should just put Voltec in the entire lineup. Chevrolet Cruze Volt edition. Chevrolet Equinox Volt edition etc…

    1. Mr. M says:

      To make the entire lineup halo Seems like a good idea.

  26. Bill Howland says:

    I hate it when GM discontinues vehicles (for instance, the ELR) without having something to replace it. Even the very late CT6 PHEV besides being a joke, effectively will never be available for purchase here, while the ELR was effectively all around me, even if only 1/3 of the caddy dealers supported it.

    IN my case, the nearest ELR was less than a mile away, and the dealer I actually purchased it from was 16 miles away.

    The current PHEV caddy won’t be for sale around here until December 2017, and then only 380 miles away. To show how ridiculous that is, a Tesla service center is only 220 miles away.

    Therefore, I hope (against hope) GM won’t discontinue ANYTHING.

  27. William Kruckeberg says:

    I’m a car guy,retired automtive engineer. The Volt,an awesome car! Already using Cruse platform config. 65 miles on elect. chg., 40+mpg on long,’hold mode’,trips;great acceleration + unique drivability & handling.Low cg.& good wt.ditribution re.frt means good snow vehicle.And there’s something better out there??