Report From Down Under: The eFXC


Pikes Peak wasn’t the only racing going on this past week.  The eFXC, at the Sydney Motorsports Park was ripping it up with some world-class racing.  Check out the bikes:

Danny Ripperton

Danny Ripperton (photo: © Tony Castley, All Rights Reserved)

The Yardney

The Varley, with Jason Morris (photo: © Tony Castley, All Rights Reserved)


David Hiley on a Zero SR (photo: © Tony Castley, All Rights Reserved)

And here are the results:

Round 2 results

Round 2 results

The Voltron Evo pretty much dominated, with Danny Pottage riding, and you can read more about that bike on our story here.  Also, check out the video, and don’t miss the squirrelly tire action at about :30

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Little bit of an overestimation of the grip levels when track temp is 11deg. Still went on to win race 3 (although gingerly) and with Varley getting in front and having a red hot go in lap 2. Fun times.

Posted by Voltron Electric Motorcycles on Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big shout to Tony Castley (SplinterOz) for the photos, and be sure to see the rest of his shots here, on Flickr!

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Totally strange, you hear his knee pad scratching the pavement.
Only with electric bike!