Rent a Renault Fluence Z.E. for $99 Per Day in Copenhagen


Now You Can Rent a Renault Fluence Z.E. in Copenhagen

Now You Can Rent a Renault Fluence Z.E. in Copenhagen

$99 per day is too expensive to us, but at least there’s now a family sedan-sized electric vehicle rental option in Copenhagen.

Rent Me for Cheap

Rent Me for Cheap

The Renault Fluence Z.E. certainly isn’t a hot seller, so why not scoop some up (likely for a discounted price) for use in a rental fleet?

That is what’s going on now in Copenhagen, where the Fluence Z.E. is available to rent for $99 US per day.  That fee includes 62 miles of use and is claimed to be roughly equal to the cheapest ICE rentals out there.  Perhaps someone from Copenhagen can confirm this price comparison for us?

The rental Fluence are available through Avis, but only at the rental agencies airport location.

Sure, there are other electric rental options in Copenhagen, but none are as spacious as the Fluence.

The real reason you’ll see electric vehicles as rentals in Copenhagen is because it contributes to the city’s goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025 and corporations like Avis have to do their part to meet help get to that goal, too.

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So, I assume clients don’t have to recharge on their own – or get to use the battery-swap stations for free – and the first 100km are free then they pay by the km?

The Web says Copenhagen gas prices are around 1.7 Euro/liter. A midsize like the Fluence would do some 11-12 km/l in city. Say ~9 liters for 100 km – that’s about 15 Euros or just under $20.

A search right now pegs the cheapest intermediate/standard cars in Copenhagen around $70/day, with you of course having to pay for gas.

So sounds like the ZE *is* fairly competitive… certainly not the rip-off practiced here about green car rental.
Last month we rented a car on the US East Coast. A midsize for 17 days cost us $570. A Prius would have cost nearly $1500 (I checked). Since most of our miles were in road trips, there is no way in Heck this would have made sense.

First I’d like to thank you guys at for a highly interesting www-page. I rented a few weeks ago a Fluence ZE during my three days trip in Denmark. It was a really nice EV-experience. After the collapse of Better Place, battery switch is not possible now. Hopefully later on they will find in Denmark a similar arrangemet as israelis have now up and running. In Denmark slow charging is currently the only option for Fluence ( see )