Rent A Chevrolet Bolt For Just $99 A Week, Or Even For Free


Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Remember that Chevrolet Bolt, Lyft news from awhile back? If not, it can be simply summarized as follows:

“General Motors and ride-sharing partner, Lyft, are in the process of expanding the Express Drive vehicle access program to include Colorado and California. Lyft drivers will become some of the first to enjoy the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.”

“San Francisco is targeted for summer 2016, with Los Angeles to follow in the fall. Denver will be added to the program by the fall as well. The cities will have access to the country’s largest electric ride-sharing fleet which will include both the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt and, by late fall, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV.”

Well, apparently there’s a tiny bit more to the story. As Trend In Tech reports:

“Lyft also offer a really good incentive as part of the rental program in that it will only cost you $99 per week to rent the new Chevy Bolt EV and 20 cents per mile if less than 40 rides per week were completed. However, complete over 65 rides or more in one week and the rental is free!”

So, theoretically then you could get a Chevrolet Bolt for free it appears, provided you rent it for Lyft purposed and complete 65 rides per week.

Source: Trend In Tech

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Good marketing for GM because passengers will ask the driver questions etc. (and some may experience a ride in an EV for the first time).

Definitely a good way to get the car out there and noticed by people.

It’s a good test bed for “EV + autonomous ride share” , except Lyft drivers renting the cars serve as robot substitutes … for now.

There’s no doubt that Gm (and the rest) are serious about selling you ride share in a “company owned” EV. Whether they are serious about selling an affordable EV for individual ownership remains to be seen.

I think the vehicle is a good choice for a city runabout, perfect for Lyft, and a good deal.

$99 per week is pretty low car rental price especially an EV. I have a time share up in Colorado plus I have a lot of relatives up there. It would be really nice to be able to fly up to Colorado and rent a Bolt for a week.

I wonder if there minimum term limits for Lyft rental. I wonder if you are required to pick up passengers if you rent a Lyft car. I need to look into this more.

$99 a week plus taxes is about $420 per month NOT exactly CHEAP .. But never as bad a mistake as your time share, which should outlawed & the people that invented the time share scam should all be in jail…..

$99/week = $400/month, not a great deal at all, you can rent a Chevy Spark EV for $139/month!

I meant you can LEASE a Chevy Spark.

I think that is the point. Car rentals Do not equal leases.

furthermore, this isn’t even a conventional rental. the purpose of the lyft rental scheme is to encourage people to drive more (and therefore generate more revenue for lyft). 65 rides/week means that the driver is pretty much working full time.

I think your mixing lease with renting.. of course your lease is cheaper it’s a lease contract. usually 3 years.. when u rent it’s weekly and no down payment. And once you are done for a week u give it back. On a lease you are committed and can’t just decide I’m done and give it back

I hope it comes with free charging if you meet the 65 riders per week. A good discount on charging would be a great incentive for renters that meet the minimum of 40 rides per week!

Do you get free gas now? Of course not! So charging shouldn’t be free, either.

Does it have to be 65 ‘different’ people? Or can you just drive same dozen family members around town for a week?

Unfortunately that wouldn’t work as a strategy. The smallest amount you could charge your family members for reimbursement would be $214 per week.

For example swipe your spouse’s card, sit there for 1 minute and end the “ride”. Base fare is $3. $2 per mile or $0.30 per minute. So sitting still for one minute would cost $3.30. Rinse repeat 10 times for the day for 6 days and then 5 times for the last day.

That would give you the 65 fares for the week in order to not have to pay the $200 weekly rental fee or $0.20 a mile but you would’ve had to reimburse your family members or yourself $214.50 for the 65 minimum charge fares for that week.

But as driver you’d be paid a big chunk of that $214…..

You are kidding right?

I like the Bolt, but a production of 25.000 a year with the option to ramp up to 50-60.000 a year seems to be waaaay to few for the first 200 mile EV sub 40.000$.

Price point is everything. GM is probably dialed into exactly how much market penetration the Chevy BOLT will get at a $37,000 base price.
Take that exact same vehicle and price it at $20,000 after Federal tax incentives (no state incentives included) and GM would be supply constrained for the next 5 years. GM could probably produce 1 million Chevy Bolts a year and still be supply constrained.
1 million vehicles a year also assumes no EOL (End Of Life) for the federal tax credit.

Or, you know, maybe the market demand for a car with these specs is at least 400,000 as of March 31 2016

Your comments conclude the Bolt is on the same playing field as the Model 3. IMO, it’s not even on the same continent.

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Can locating 65 Pokemons count toward the quota?

In candyland, you’re in luck.

The $5148 question ($99*52) …

How many Bolt EVs will GM make available to Lyft drivers over the next 12 months?

Doesn’t matter how cheap, or popular a vehicle is … unless there are production numbers to support demand. Otherwise a vehicle is just a promotional collector item. So far the verdicts out, but in 12 months we know the answer! 😉

Is this idea doomed to fail?

How can a Lyft driver offer more rides when he’s busy charging his car? After all, there’s only 3 (expensive) CCS stations in San Francisco.

10 rides per day on a six day workweek to get the free rental is plausible on 200 miles per day with an overnight charge. 20 miles per ride is probably well above average.

You have to pick up the Bolt from somewhere, the hope is there is a DCFC charging station at the home hub…Even better would be they maintain a fleet at the hub, when you’re running low on range, bring it back to the hub and get a fully charged one…

This is a really bad deal and they charge you per mile when not working for them :/

Compared to what? Owning you’re own car, paying for maintenance, extra insurance and piling on the miles?

This is the best possible deal for a Lyft driver…