Renovo Coupe At 2015 CES – Images & Videos

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Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

As promissed, Renovo Motors unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) its first electric car – the Coupe.

This is not a debut, but rather the first opportunity for the general public to see the Renovo Coupe.

According to the company, unlike other sporty cars, this one will be able to drive fast on the track for much more than just 1-2 laps before power is limited.  And yes, that’s a direct shot at the Tesla Model S, which often goes into limited-power mode when pushed hard on a track.

At CES, Renovo Motors is present together with NVIDIA, however the position of the touchscreen seems weird:

“Produced by Renovo Motors, Inc., the 500 horsepower Coupe includes a cockpit concept designed in collaboration with NVIDIA® and developed using NVIDIA DRIVE Studio software. The cockpit is powered by the new NVIDIA Tegra® X1 mobile super chip, which drives an all-digital instrument cluster and 11.6-inch touchscreen in the center stack. The Renovo Coupe is the world’s first vehicle to feature the Tegra X1 technology.”

“NVIDIA DRIVE Studio is a comprehensive software suite that enables the rapid development and production of vehicle instrumentation and infotainment systems. NVIDIA’s advanced graphics enable the driver to maintain a fluid, natural connection to the vehicle and monitor all its systems at a glance, to ensure the best driving experience possible.

Driving the car’s cockpit concept, NVIDIA Tegra X1, which was unveiled earlier at CES, is the first mobile super chip with over one teraflops of processing power. It delivers supercomputing capabilities that make possible unprecedented graphics, sophisticated deep learning and computer vision applications.”

Christopher Heiser, Chief Executive Officer for Renovo Motors stated:

“Renovo’s engineering collaboration with NVIDIA reflects its commitment to integrate the world’s most advanced automotive technology in the Coupe. Our goal is to make the Renovo Coupe the world’s highest-performing, most advanced electric supercar. We are very impressed with how NVIDIA technology has helped us make this a reality.”

Danny Shapiro, senior director of automotive at NVIDIA adds:

“In a few short weeks, design teams at Renovo and NVIDIA created a beautiful, functional cockpit concept, showcasing the flexibility of NVIDIA DRIVE Studio and the power of our new Tegra X1 super chip. DRIVE Studio enables carmakers to easily create a wide range of exquisite designs for in-vehicle systems, and ultimately enable customers to personalize their own vehicle interiors.”

First deliveries are expected later this year and here are some of the specs:

  • 740 volt lithium-ion battery pack
  • twin sequential axial flux motors
  • more than 500 horsepower
  • 1,000 ft-lbs of torque
  • 0-60 MPH time in less than 3.4 seconds
  • DC fast charging (CHAdeMO)
Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

Renovo Coupe At The 2015 CES

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Sorry, but I would buy a Tesla P85D over this any day. The lap time stuff is marketing fluff, most buyers would not race this car.


Plus there will be quite a cost premium over a P85D. So far they are saying $530K. I’m sure that if Tesla cared to they could also make the P85D track ready for an additional $400K.


The best thing about this car from my point of view, is the cockpit/software integration. For the car itself I would definitely prefer a “Concept One” by Rimac Automobili.


wow they ‘ve also got the motor and the inverter to look good !