Reno, Nevada to Double Public Charging Station Count Over Next 6 Months

DEC 7 2013 BY STAFF 3

In Reno, Nevada, the total number of public charging stations will double over the next six months.

Current Chargers in Reno

Current Chargers in Reno

Right now, Reno is not considered a hotbed for plug-in vehicles, but that may change in the near future more chargers pop up.

Reno’s goal is to increase its charger count from today’s 12 or so to more than 24 by mid-2014.

Most of the chargers will be installed at what Reno calls “big businesses.”

The problem for Reno though is that the charging stations it currently has are not often used.

The state of Nevada as a whole is home to only 1,000 or so plug-in vehicles, which state officials say it puts them behind the curve.

But we believe forward-thinking is essential to increasing the adoption rate of plug-in vehicles, so cheers to Reno for being progressive.

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If they can put them in the right locations, people will use them.

As one of those 1000 plug in vehicles in Nevada, I can vouch for the lack of charing stations. However, at least in Las Vegas, the charging situation is getting better – at least 5 more charging stations should open in the next month or two around town (they’re already installed and ready to go but they’re waiting on bureaucratic hold ups). The casinos have installed some Tesla chargers behind Valet.

I think that, in general, 2014 will be the year of public charging. Between the supercharger network, other level 2 charging, and CCS, it will be a big growth year.

The question is:

Are they installing them in the big casinos for out of town Californians to use?
Are they installing them where the people of the greater Reno area might actually need them to be?

One of them attracts Model S drivers on holiday, the other speeds the adoption of EVs in Nevada…

Just a thought.