Reno, Nevada Gets Four Proterra Buses With An Electrifying Appearance (w/video)

JUN 4 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

Proterra EV Bus With Electrifying Appearance

Proterra EV Bus With Electrifying Appearance

In April, Proterra delivered four electric buses to Reno, Nevada.  The delivered buses are the older version, not the new Proterra Solution unveiled in May.

But still, their outward appearance is electrifying, don’t you think?

According to media reports, the total cost of the four vehicles is $4.6 million, but this includes the high power charging station for charging in less then 10 minutes. The Regional Transit Commission expects to save up to $500,000 over the life of the vehicles, as compared to diesel buses.

“U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., praised the cooperation between various agencies to secure a $4.6 million grant for the buses based on the promise of reducing pollution and improving public transit. They emit zero emissions and can be fully charged within 10 minutes at a special charging station at the downtown transit center”

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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I like this Proterra bus more than the BYD bus. Carbon body and smaller battery with super fast quick charge.

How much would a diesel bus have cost?

About $300-350k for a Diesel bus.


I like that the lady in the video clarified for us that the bus has “electric” batteries, so as not to confuse the average person watching into thinking it may have a “machine-gun” battery like used back in WWI & WWII.

Wow. an electric battery.
Who would gave thunk.

When is InsideEVs going to start giving us a monthly Plug-In Electric Bus Sales Report Card? 😀

That would have been awsome 😛

Plus we would get to know many more electric bus companies than ProTerra, BYD and Volvo.

Such as Hybricon, Ankai/Eurabus, Ebusco, VDL and PVI.

Maybe even some kind of comprehensive guide of the companies and their buses. =)

I’d like to know if the Proterra is significantly more efficient than the BYD since the Proterra should be lighter with it’s carbon fiber body and smaller battery.

It will surely be that. Just like the i3 is much more efficient than the Tesla.

Great idea to add an electric bus sales scorecard.

Adding electric car sales for Canada, Europe, China, and Japan would be great as well.




Thomas J. Thias