Rendered: Next-Generation Opel Ampera


It was more than 6 months ago when General Motors Europe confirmed the death of the Opel Ampera via a series of Tweets by General Motors Europe President Karl-Thomas Neumann.

Tweets Confirming Death Of Ampera

Tweets Confirming Death Of Ampera

A successor does not mean that a second-generation Opel Ampera will be sold, but rather that a replacement product will make its way into Opel’s lineup.

Even though no next-generation Opel Ampera is planned, this rendering by X-Tomi Design shows us what it could look like if General Motors changed its mind.

Just like the first-generation Ampera, we think this next-gen rendering improves on the design of the Chevrolet Volt.  Do you agree?

Opel Ampera Next-Gen Rendering

Opel Ampera Next-Gen Rendering

Source: X-Tomi Design

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Stop it LOL
It’s so beautiful !!!

It’s an Opel Astra. Basically a Buick for you guys in the US, or a Saturn Astra if it still existed.

I love the color of this car too. It would be nice if the Volt comes in this color or a light green. If not, I will let my wife decide the color.

Wow. That’s really nice.

I see it as more likely that Opel and other GM brand affliates will sell a BOLT version, not a Volt.

I must say, I do like the design of the front of the Opel Ampera more than I do the Chevy Volt. It doesn’t look as aggressive and a little more sexy. Also, the offensive chrome is not there, on the Ampera.

Yes, this would sell in Europe!

Looks better without the metallic coated grill panels of the Volt…

There seem to be a lot of people complaining about the “chrome grill” of the second-gen Volt.

I am forced to conclude that none of these people have ever seen a first-gen Volt.

I don’t like the look of either, especially compared to the Ampera.

I am forced to conclude that you have not considered that possibility.

Do you also complain about the kidney grills on BMWs?

The fake ones on the i3? God yes…

Beautiful are those 20″ wheels?

Where can i buy one…!

This is total crap. Stop spreading this nonsense fake images, which are not from the manufacturer.

Wow nice looking Ampera AMAZING

Now why did they release the 2016 Volt

Because some dumb ass in Detroit has no car taste …

GM could sell such an Opel rebranded Volt 2 in Europe but then they would have to advertise the car in order to sell sufficient numbers to justify the costs associated with importing it there. Unfortunately GM doesn’t want to advertise the Volt 2 or the would be Opel branded Volt 2, because they want to continue to sell the standard gasoline cars on which they make more profit and for which they are more likely to potentially receive oilies bribes. So it is not likely to have an Opel branded Volt 2 any time soon, if ever.

GM tried to sell an Opel-rebranded Volt. Europeans preferred diesels.

I hope they do a new version of the Ampera based on the new Volt. If it has the right price cut I could be tempted to replace my LEAF with one.