Volkswagen e-Golf: From Render to Real Deal

e-golf render


Seldom does a rendered concept resemble the real-deal production vehicle.  The Volkswagen e-Golf is a prime example of this statement.

Above is the original VW rendering of the e-Golf.

Below are two live from Geneva shots of the real-deal e-Golf, which resembles an ordinary Golf in its outward appearance.

Often times we’re let down by the production version, as compared to the concept.

We’d have to say that the e-Golf, in production form, doesn’t live up to its initial rendering.

VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf in Geneva

VW e-Golf in Geneva



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I mean an e-Golf is just a Golf, and this is great, what else do you want.

The final result still looks good, but everybody seems to like concepts better because they are more a work of art. Car companies do want the vehicles to look good, but they also remember that overall the car is a tool to be used not just a work of art.

That is true when form reduces function, like the volt concepts deficient outward visibility.

But how would this form have made the car less useful?

From render to real deal… with nothing in between. 🙁

Should change the title to: From Render To Compliance Car.

Weird that the ‘compliance car’ is being introduced in Europe first.
Do European sales count towards Californian compliance now?

They will when VW brings them to the US…

Only US sales go towards compliance.

I thought that many larger European cities had or will soon have requirements on emissions within city limits, not unlike CARB requirements in California. Building a car simply to comply with European laws is no less of a compliance car…

Car designers can’t change. It’s inbred in them from auto design school – make it more swoopy, give it 30″ wheels… All concept drawings look that way.

Engineers get ahold of it and realize rooflines must be high enough for six footers and rear passengers, bumpers need to meet regulations and 30″ Viper Meat wheels and tires mean very low MPG.

Golf has always been like that girl you eventually marry after ogling the Ferraris and Lambos in glossy magazines like Playboy…errrr, ROAD AND TRACK – all our lives. Golf is not bad looking, it gets the job done and is reliable…You can settle down with her— errr IT!

Only the Tom Bradys, David Beckhams, Jay Lenos and oil sheiks end up with the centerfold, errr…McClaren P1!

Porsche 918/ McClaren P1 Dept:

Al in the TV sitcom Married With Children was once asked: “Hey Al, why do you read BigUns Magazine?” He replied: “Hey, everyman with a Dodge in the garage likes to sit down every once in awhile and dream that it’s a Ferrari!”

the Euro specs show ” electric heated windshield” I could have used that on my Leaf this past winter

hope that feature makes it to the USA

Apparently Tesla managed to make a nice concept AND ALSO deliver a fantastic looking car.