Renault’s Latest Electric Car Video Focuses On Environmental Benefits


The electric car and its benefits for the environment

The electric car and its benefits for the environment

Electric vehicles are a growing part of transportation solutions.

Renault recently released a short video explaining EV environmental benefits to the world, mainly air quality in the city and global warming.

According to the presentation, renewable energy generation and electric cars are key if we want to lower emissions.

“Electric vehicles have a key role to play in improving air quality in cities, since they emit neither NOx nor fine particles during driving (1). According to a study conducted in Rome, if electric vehicles made up between 10% and 20% of the vehicles on city roads, this would cut the concentration of particles that cause respiratory and heart diseases by 30% and the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, a powerful respiratory irritant, by up to 45%. As for the environmental footprint, electric vehicles emit no CO2 and do not consume fossil fuels during driving (1). In comparison with an equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle, this reduces by nearly one half (2) the environmental impacts to which the contribution of the transport sector is generally highest: global warming and the depletion of natural resources. In addition, as electricity generated entirely from renewable energies gradually becomes more widely available to both businesses and consumers, zero-CO2 electric mobility will become possible, not only during EV use, but also during generation of the electricity to charge the battery.

(1) Excluding wear parts. (2) Based on the average European EV mix.”

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Another area that needs action, is making air conditioning unitsreversible, so that they can serve as heat pump in cold weather. Installing fossil fuel burners for heating is not a twenty first century solution anymore. This is especially true with modern, well insulated houses.

Solar works. Wind works. Nuclear works better.

The best nuclear has been around for billion years.
It’s the sun and it should be there for billions years more.
No cost, no maintenance, no disaster, no spoiling soil.
Yes indeed, nuclear of that kind is brilliant!

Yes, the nuclear reactor that works best is 93,000,000 miles away.

Waste product, it has the same problem as coal. The waste product is suicidal.

Nuclear works better…if we can bury the nuclear waste in your backyard?