Renault ZOE Wins “Best Electric Car For Less Than £30,000” For 6th Time

JAN 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

The wins keep on piling up.

The Renault ZOE remains the best among affordable electric cars in the UK according to What Car?, which for the sixth consecutive year handed the “Best Electric Car for less than £30,000” title to the French EV.

In 2018, Renault sold some 1,993 ZOE, which is 25% more than a year ago. ZOE’s popularity in UK is however much lower than in France, as the result stands for less than 13% of the total of 15,474 new BEV registrations.

£30,000 is around €34,400 or $39,100

Anyways, it’s hard to find an electric car similarly attractive and with a comparable range to ZOE in the lower-end of the market. This is probably why some 40,000 were sold in 2018, just behind the Nissan LEAF.

Steve Huntingford, Editor of What Car? magazine, said:

“Our 2017 Electric Car of the Year remains a compelling proposition two years on, which is some achievement given the pace at which things are moving in this class. Unlike other sub-£30k pure electric options, you don’t have to put up with a feeble range. In fact, in our Real Range tests, the ZOE outperformed many much pricier options.”

Vincent Tourette, Managing Director of Renault UK, said:

“Electric cars are becoming more popular every month and the Renault ZOE has been at the forefront of the market since it was launched in the UK six years ago. ZOE is available with a choice of trims and motors, giving our customers the opportunity to choose the ZOE that best fits their lifestyle. That’s a key reason why the ZOE has been presented with a strong list of awards and it’s gratifying to see the model recognised by What Car? for a sixth successive year.”

About the ZOE offer in UK:

“Renault’s ZOE has proven popular with customers with 1993 sold in the UK last year, an increase of 1.25 per cent over 2017. The car continues to be available to purchase in two ways. First, under a battery hire scheme, where ZOE pricing starts at £18,420 (on the road) after the Government Plug-in Car Grant, with battery leasing from £59 per month. And second, under the ‘full purchase’ option, which allows the customer to buy the car and the battery from £25,020 (OTR). Whichever purchase option is chosen, the Renault ZOE is one of the most affordable electric cars on sale following Renault’s mantra of providing sustainable mobility for all.In addition, Renault offers retail customers that purchase a ZOE a free 7kW wall box charger fully-installed in their home to ensure the best possible electric experience.

Two versions of the ZOE supermini are available and both have a real-world range of 186 miles (WLTP¹). With the R110 motor the ZOE has faster mid-range acceleration and 16hp more power than the R90 version it replaced. The second option is the Q90 motor, which allows faster charging. The ZOE Q90 Quick Charge can be charged from zero to 80 per cent in 65 minutes with a 43kW charger that can typically be found at most motorway service stations.

The customer can also choose between two trim levels: ZOE Dynamique Nav and ZOE Signature Nav. Included with the ZOE Dynamique Nav is 16-inch ‘black shadow’ alloy wheels, a hands-free keycard, automatic headlights and wipers, rear parking sensors and seven-inch colour touchscreen for the R-LINK 2 infotainment system with navigation.

Renault’s R-Link infotainment system utilises Android Auto™ to link the driver or passenger’s smartphone to the ZOE and mirrors the phone display onto the vehicle’s touchscreen to enable easy use of the smartphone’s functionality in the car.

ZOE Signature Nav adds a BOSE® 3D sound system, heated front seats, a rear reversing camera and bronze coloured interior detailing. It also features 16-inch ‘grey shadow’ alloy wheels and unique ‘Signature’ upholstery.”

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Yawn. Please call me when it wins Best Car, without needing the ‘Electric’ qualifier.

In all seriousness, having a separate section for Electric is rapidly going to become an anacronysm. BEVs need to be — and will soon be — the best cars on the road, regardless of fuel type.

You have got to start somewhere. In time it will be the ICE cars that are in the Minority. Can’t come soon enough for me.

Will take time, since batteries cost money, power electronics cost money.
A good EV at a price that is competetive with ICE cars is hard to make, when we’re talking cheap cars. EVs tend to save money somewhere, that ICE cars don’t. Seats, materials in the interior and other features to make it cheaper, to compensate for the battery pack.
1-3 years and EV prices will drop for sure.

Bit long in the tooth. Very small. Renault seemed to get off to strong start with Zoe and Kangoo electric but recently it’s pretty incremental. Renault should be doing much more.

You are right. Renault should be doing. They seem to have increase the production in the last quarter.

I hope the soon to be revealed Zoe 2 will be a great improvement.

Too bad it’s so quirky to charge in Norway, otherwise I think it would have sold much more here. We have a slightly different electric grid in Norway, and this makes the Zoe unable to charge in many homes. If they could just update the charger for Norway.

Interesting. I didn’t know nothing about that. I always wondered why Zoe’s sales were so poor in Norway.

Looking forward to the Zoe2. CCS DC charging for sure.