Renault Zoe Truck Imagined


It may not be the world’s most practical or versatile truck, but it’s fully electric and that’s a major plus to us:

“For these #summer holidays, our fan Sten dreamed up a #ZOE pickup: perfect for going to the beach! Do you like it?”

States Renault Z.E. via Twitter.

Yes…we like it, but perhaps pickup is the wrong name for this re-imagined Renault Zoe.  It strikes us as more a cabriolet version of the Zoe than a pickup.  Regardless of what it’s called, we’re thinking Renault should make it.  How ’bout you?

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Sometimes it’s nice to have fun and impractical cars. Like a Cabriolet. So I say build it. This has a possibility of working in Europe because they like cutesy little things. It would flop horribly here. I think they could possibly turn a cutesy micro profit. Or lose their hats. All that said- I really don’t think we’re at the stage in the EV world where we should waste our resources and efforts on impractical uber niche products. Unless it’s in the premium luxury segment like the i8 or roadster Instead why not electrify the most popular body styles first? We already have tons of micro cars. We have a fair amunt of hatchbacks. We have very few sedans. We have no SUVs, no CUVs, no pickup trucks, and no minivans. Also no AWD options and too many RWD options. (Doesnt matter that technically RWD EVs drive as well as a FWD ICE. People don’t believe it yet) I just had a party at my house on Friday with a friend who was the first LEAF owner in MN. We both independently decided to wait on our next purchase until the Outlander is released due to the limitations of what… Read more »

Obviously it would not matter to us if Renault released an AWD SUV since they don’t sell here.
But it would put pressure on Mitsubishi to make their SUV better.

Est un camion-micro jamais chic? Mais non.