Renault ZOE Sales in France Fell to 278 in December, Reaching 5,500 in 2013


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Renault’s flagship electric car, the ZOE, ended the year of 2013 in France with a stable level of sales, which seems to be at over 320 units a month in the second half of 2013.

December’s result of 278 ZOE sales was enough to reach a YTD level of 5,511 units, which is enough to put ZOE in the #1 spot for EV sales in France.

In 2013, Renault ZOE captured 63% of the French market of new passenger electric cars (full France sale report coming soon).

Sadly, after the initial surge to over 1,000 units a month, ZOE sales are way down.

What’s more important is that on the French ZOE forum we see that customers who ordered car in late October, got it in December, so there shouldn’t be any capacity constraints?

Maybe the 300-350 ZOE a month is just the current average level of demand in France? If yes, then next year Renault must do something to improve sales, because even 500 units a month (6,000 a year) will not result in the big progress we’d like to see in 2014 vs. 2013.

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Sell it with the battery included. It seems the market does not like the battery lease idea…

How do you know the lease is the problem?

I’d say the problems are range and performance. 0-100 in 13 seconds, 100 km range at highway speeds. If I am right, Renault should cosider a Zoe GTI with more power and range. I think a 27 kWh battery should deliver 0-100 kph in under 10 seconds, and 25% more range.

Such a model should also have adjustable headrests since the current ones make the seats look too massive, visually cramping the rear space of the car.

Nothing needs to be done to the exterior, except a sun roof, better looking wheels and more paint choices. You can’t get a red or a green Zoe but you can a Clio! Thats nuts. The car is being sold in appliance clothing. Take a page from Tesla. Make it hot and it will sell, at a higher price too.