Renault ZOE Sales In France – December & 2014

JAN 9 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Renault ZOE ended the year 2014 on a high in France with a new all-time record of 1,182 registrations in December.

Overall, the number of registrations in 2014 reached 5,970, so ZOE managed to improve over last year’s result by 8.3% and take 0.3% share of all new passenger cars sold in France in 2014.

“The ZOE made headway in the electric vehicle market in 2014 (up 8.3%) and sales were buoyed by a sharp pick-up in the last four months of the year. The ZOE has recorded close to 6,000 registrations in 2014 and accounted for 56.5% of electric passenger car sales in France.”

All those numbers don’t include the 226 ZOEs registered as light commercial vehicles.

For more data, please take a look on our new infographic card:

France - Renault ZOE Registrations Card - December 2014

France – Renault ZOE Registrations Card – December 2014

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Wow, very nice. I was impressed with the ZOE when I was in France last year. Wish we could get them over here. Maybe Nissan could just replace the Leaf with the ZOE and call it a day.

Agree, would be great to get a re-badged version of the Zoe in the US.

Is this surge related to the battery purchase option? What does the rental/buy split look like?

No. At the moment the battery purchase option is only officially available in Norway and the UK.

Recently Renault started to advertise the Zoe a lot more in the media. In Europe only BMW and Renault seem to advertise. Nissan and Volkswagen are still sleeping…

In March the updated Zoe should sell a lot more. NEDC range is boosted from 210km to 280km. Real range should be 180km.

Is Renault changing the battery pack too? New electric motor will boost range for 15% (to around 240km NEDC).
There were rumors when ZOE was launched that in 2015 range would be boosted to around 300km (new generation batteries).

Nope. There might be a small change for the battery, but a major change will not come before the real second generation Zoe.

Today the Zoe has a 26KWh battery, but only 22KWh are used for safety reasons. In 2 years Renault has learn that it can reduce the safety margine and use more of the battery without damaging it.

Zoe has LG Chem batteries that proved to be very realible. The same Chev Volt has, and the new gen2 Volt will have the range improved because of the same reason. More battery used, less safety margine.

Nissan do focus their EV activities on UK and Norway at the moment.
In the last month, sales in South Europe, like Spain and Portugal, have also seen some improvements.

I haven’t seen any official NEDC range numbers yet. I would consider it more in the range of 230-240 km.

No. It is due first to an efficient commercial campaign, stressing the simplicity of ZOE charging and driving (which BTW shows the immense ignorance of the general public on this matter), and second to the slowly rising awareness of the people to electric mobility. Once again (and I’m awfully sorry to repeat this, some people will get tired of it, but I believe it is supremely important), an electric vehicle is still here an option only for upper middle-class people (the ones who have a house and who can afford to install a charger home, notwithstanding the extension of a powerful electrical cable to the charging spot), but it will be a game-changer for our oil-deprived and freedom-thirsty society, therefore in need to avoid commerce with oil-rich-backward-theocracies(yes, I’m thinking Charlie Hebdo here, my heroes, always and forever), only when laws guaranteeing free access to a charging spot for appartment dwellers will be implemented at last. Then the figures will soar exponentially to, in a matter of a few years, overtake ICE numbers, for the LOWER middle-class, for which this will be a game changer, will at last have access to this technology. Don’t know when this will come but come… Read more »

Viva le differance! What a difference from smoky diesels to clean efficient plugins. Range will always get better and cost less as technology improves. kilometers or miles if it meets your needs it enough range.