Renault ZOE Sales Doubled In January 2019

FEB 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

Renault continues strong growth

Thanks to a surge of ZOE sales in its best January ever, Renault begins the year 2019 with 4,417 EV sales, which is 76% more than a year ago.

EV share out of overall Renault volume also improved in Europe to 5.25% among passenger cars, and 2.35% among commercial cars. With further improvement coming in the second-generation ZOE, Renault could be able to reach 10%.

Renault electric car sales – January 2019

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Just off to pick up a Zoe Dynamique Nav R110 ZE40 today from my local UK dealer, DSG Morecambe! 🙂

Next step: drive to your new, amazing Zoe ZE40 to local embassy of choice and get a european passport!

Where is Renault getting it’s batteries? With all the talk of other manufacturers being battery constrained, Renault seems to be continuosly increasing production

LG Chem in Poland.

29th of March looming

What does Brexit day have to do with France and Poland?

Making inroads, which at this point is what’s it all about.
Related, in a broad sense, is Mercedes says pollution of their diesels will force them more quickly into electrification.
Of the carrot and the stick modalities this smacks more of the a response to the stick.
I hope they stick to their targets, but I doubt they will:

Congrats Renault. If you increase the range, customers will buy it and sales will increase.