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“With the Formula E cars tearing through the streets of Beijing last week, we took a look at out the current crop electric cars here in the UK. First up is the Renault Zoe.”

This is the first in a series of electric vehicle reviews expected to be released in “The Future Car Show” series by Focus Magazine.

We enjoy this Zoe review, so our hope is that Focus Magazine gets around to publishing reviews of all the EVs available in the UK.  We’ll continue to watch this YouTube channel and to bring you more “The Future Car Show” reviews as they get published.

Renault Zoe Reviewed In This Future Car Show Episode

Renault Zoe Reviewed In This Future Car Show Episode

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They need to bring a more EV-savvy presenter/editor.

Not a word was said about charging options, of which the Zoe has quite a few if I recall correctly.

I have experienced that not even Renault dealers have a clue about how much more superior the Chameleon charging system is in daily use compared to standard charger solutions of i3, e-Golf, e-Up, etc.
I have never heard anybody mention that the ZOE can charge 3 times faster han the other models using your standard household 400V socket (2 hours @ 16A, 1h @32A).

In my opinion there is no way around the ZOE if you can’t afford a Tesla.

the renault zoe is better tham the nissan leaf and cheaper, the renault zoe has more autonomy than the nissan leaf and the are all buying the LEAF…….insane people

It is probably due to the fact that there is no option to buy the battery with the Zoe. Only to lease it. =/

We can’t get Renault anything in the US. It’s not available.

He said he was more nervous about the range when he was driving a Tesla than driving a Renault Zoe. How does his mind work?

renault zoe = 5 stars crashtest and bmw i3 only 4 stars crashtest.
renault zoe = 20 000 euros and bmw i3 40 000 euros 2 time more
renault zoe battery =120 miles autonomy and bmw i3 autonomy only 95 miles.
renault zoe = 5 seats and bmw i3 only 4 seats.
renault zoe you can open normally the back doors and back windows….but with the bmw i3 NOT.
renault zoe has a pump but bmw i3 NOT
renaul zoe more place indoor.
conclusion :
renault zoe second best e car in the world just behind the tesla s.
zoe great nice design
bwmw i3 ugly
amen !!!

You’re comparing apples to oranges with range. On the NEDC test the ZOE scores 210km, the i3 190km, so they are quite close in real world use I’d expect.
But since the ZOE is more aerodynamic, I would think the ZOE does get slightly more from a single charge.
But I did buy a ZOE over an i3 for most of the reasons you mention here.

I agree with you. I think Renault makes a huge mistake by not offering customers to buy the battery with the car. That would be the game changer for sure. Nissan Leaf is €7000 more expensive with battery than without. And it is 24 kWh. So if the Renault Zoe were offered +€7000 battery included I think Renault would make a nice profit on it.

I really don’t like some companies urge to lock in and control it’s customers.

You can already get the battery included in Norway, and this may be changing in the UK:

I’m not a friend of battery lease either, but let’s say there is a 200 mile battery coming in the next year or the year after and Renault will charge you just a little more monthly for it WITHOUT any additional replacement costs. Having bought the 100 mile battery would be problematic from the financial perspective.

In this scenario battery lease wins over buying (at least in case you want the range upgrade).

And the ZOE can charge three times faster than the i3 (and Leaf, e-Golf, e-up) at a standard 400V household socket due to its 3-phase Chameleon charging!!!!