Renault ZOE R240 Announced As VAB Family Car of the Year 2016 (EV Category)

JAN 10 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Santa uses Renault Twizy

Santa uses Renault Twizy

Renault got a Christmas gift from the Belgian automobile association VAB in December – as the new ZOE R240 was announced as the VAB Family Car of the Year 2016.

“For the 2016 edition of its Family Car of the Year Awards, the Belgian automobile association VAB specified a 30-kilometre increase in the minimum “electric power” range required for vehicles in the “electric” category.

As well as running against other all-electric vehicles, Renault ZOE R240 was also competing with plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles with range extender.

With both juries (25 motoring journalists and 78 families) giving the car top ranking,  ZOE R240 finished with 159 points in all, ahead of the Mercedes B250e (with 154 points) and Kia’s Soul (with 147).

The professional jury of motoring journalists praised ZOE’s “roomy interior, bold design and unbeatable price”, noting that “affordable pricing and long range are making Renault electric vehicles an attractive proposition for more and more people”. The family jury expected “a real breakthrough for ZOE R240, a truly affordable vehicle” and saw it as “an eminently practical choice of second vehicle, with its extensive equipment and large boot”.

The unofficial children’s jury appreciated “the neat bodywork, the smooth ride, the comfortable rear seats, and the pretty lights.”

The Renault ZOE R240 is equipped with a new drive-train (motor manufactured by Renault), which according to the French manufacturer, improves the range from 210 km (for Q210 version) to 240 km (149 miles) under the NEDC cycle.  For reference, the Nissan LEAF (30 kWh) is rated at 250 km NEDC, but on the more realistic EPA cycle it’s rated at 107 miles / 172 km).

The new ZOE probably gives drivers a ‘real world’ range improvemnt of about 20-22 km/13 miles.

The ZOE has a 22 kWh battery, but there are reports that today’s battery is somewhat larger and that part of the range gain comes from expanding the available state-of-charge window (similar move was done by GM to the Chevrolet Volt a few years ago).

However, Renault always states the source of improvements is the R240 drivetrain:

“Powered by the R240 unit, Renault ZOE boasts a range unparalleled in the all-electric segment: 240 km (NEDC standard), which is 30 km more than with the Q210 power unit. Renault engineers have improved the motor efficiency by optimizing the electronic control system. Higher efficiency means lower electricity consumption with no performance penalty.

The R240 power unit also brings a 10% reduction in ZOE’s charge time under most usage conditions. As well as extending the ZOE range, Renault engineers also upgraded the Caméléon charger to reduce the low-power charge time. The new Caméléon charger is especially efficient on charging stations from 3 to 22 kW, which account for more than 95% of the vehicle charging infrastructures currently in operation.”

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I am tired af seeing these small improvements in EV, do something about it Renault, BMW, Nissan dobbel the battery capacity and give us a usable product!

This improvement was already a long time reality. For a while the r240 was range king of European affordable cars.

I wouldn’t be surprised of a soon to be announced way larger battery for the zoe, as they are part of the alliance with nissan.

Rite 0n! And, Give us the Cash Credits For the extra Parts That You “SAVE” By NOT INSTALLING Because it’s An “EV” ie: The “ICE” & the components That you don’t need to install , like the cooling system, Transmission , Exhaust system , Rear axles & So On! in return..

With very strong current promotions in Germany, UK and France i bet ZOE will end as Europe’s best selling car of 2016.
Spring (?) battery upgrade with new LG Chem chemistry will also matter a lot.

It is great news that the range increases in any EV… the next step is to see the prices come down to below the ICE cars. Economize the low end cars to the bare minimum prices at 100 mile capability. Make the cost of entry as low as possible. Get as many new buyers into these vehicles. Simultaneously release upscale models that can easily do 150 to 200 miles at somewhat higher prices.
Congratulations to Renault for the powertrain improvements. Now lower the prices and sell the heck out of them.

Actually you can lease one for 37 months at 129€/month with first month at 700€ if you have an old diesel. Given electricity is much cheaper than gasoline in Europe, that’s a very competitive car.
So I think Renault will try to make it cheaper rather than going for a costly battery. If more range for the same cost, they will go for it.

Good for Renault.

Just saw this:
#1, #2, #3 — 3 Electric Cars Top Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey
1. Model S
2. Volt
3. Leaf

The Zoe is not sold in the US, so it will not appear in anything that Consumer Reports publishes. That’s why you’ll also not see an EPA rating for the Zoe, only NEDC.

It’s interesting to see that despite very low cost fuels (50% less than a year ago) Zoe keeps selling good as if fuel cost has no real impact. Just because you also save on maintenance. And very fun to drive.
That said it’s a car, no more. It drives your familly from A to B. It’s a budget car, but for the price, it’s much better than an ICE.
Interesting, an EV is cheaper to run than an ICE given those cheap fuel days… Time is changing.

Zoe is based on Clio but it costs 80% more without the battery.
Less moving parts and lower complexity.
Something is wrong here.

That´s bull**** and I think you know that.
Clio Energy TCe 90 Intens 16590 €
Renault Zoe Intens R240 23300 -5000=18300 € (without as mentoinend the battery).
Round about 10% more is far away from your stomach-feeling 80%. Forget leasing for battery ´cause petrol and maintance as oil, sparks …are not for free. Use PV-system and free your mind..lifes´to short to be a sissy