Renault Zoe Quickly Captures 73.6% of France’s Electric Vehicle Market; Kangoo Z.E. Grabs 83.5% of its Segment


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Last month, word of the success of the Renault Zoe in France spread across the Internet like wildfire.

This month it’s more of the same.

The Zoe is so hot right now in France that to call it dominant would be an understatement.

2013 Renault Kangoo Z.E. Gets Facelift

2013 Renault Kangoo Z.E. Gets Facelift

Renault says that 2,347 Zoe electric vehicles were sold in France by the end of April, which might not sound too impressive until you consider that, this year alone, Zoe accounts for 73.6% of electric vehicle sales in France.  Yes, that’s right, the Renault Zoe has captured nearly three-fourths of the segment in France.

But there’s an even hotter electric Renault, at least in terms of market share in France.

Renault says the Kangoo Z.E. has won the hearts in the light-duty commercial electric vehicle segment.  Though only 1,487 electric Kangoos were sold in France through the end of April, that’s still a full 83.5% of the segment (light-duty commercial electric).

On the home turf, both of the electric Renaults show true dominance.  How are these two vehicles fairing across Europe?  Those figures are coming soon.

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6 Comments on "Renault Zoe Quickly Captures 73.6% of France’s Electric Vehicle Market; Kangoo Z.E. Grabs 83.5% of its Segment"

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“(light-duty commercial electric)”

What is their competition? Outlander EV (if it’s even available)? Ford Transit Connect EV?


Watch out for Renault’s next home market dominate vehicle, the electric unicycle (a highly underserved market).

Kidding aside, electric drive makes perfect sense for delivery vehicles, but they aren’t very exciting (to me). OTOH, it will be interesting to see if Zoe makes it across the pond and does anything to help the US micro-car market.

Probably neither of those…Likely only the Mia U seen here in limited-edition form:

Not surprised. It’s a good looking small call that doesn’t have its headlights all over its hood and fender.


That was “car” not “call” and I’m talking about the ZOE.

I seriously doubt Ghosn is going to bring the Zoe here. The Leaf will be losing enough sales to the Spark and 500e as it is.