Renault Tests ZOE Prototype With CCS Combo Charging Inlet

NOV 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

Not only Tesla, Renault too switches to CCS Combo.

Roland van der Put, Head of Network Technology at Fastned, shared an image of a prototype of the Renault ZOE with a CCS Combo charging inlet for DC fast charging and AC normal charging.

The new ZOE, together with other upcoming models like the Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model 3, Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron, BMW i3 and more were tested at a symposium on November 15 in Arnhem, Netherlands.

“I am at the testing symposium in Arnhem today. I feel like I’m in a candy store with all cars and chargers being tested with CCS chargers: Porsche Taycan, Tesla Model 3, Mercedes EQC, Renault Zoe, Audi e-tron, BMW i3 and many more! 😎”

Earlier, Tesla announced that the Tesla Model 3 will be equipped with CCS Combo inlet and Superchargers will be retrofitted with DC Combo plugs.

The next-generation ZOE is expected to still maintain the 22 kW AC charging through its Type 2 plug (3-phase), but thanks to DC the charging time during long-distance travel should decrease significantly.


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So will people stop flogging Chademo now? It was obvious before and now even someone blind and deaf should be able to see and hear it…

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Since Honda and Toyota aren’t doing BEVs, it all hinges on Nissan, and the 60kWh Leaf.

If Toyota and Honda had done BEVs seriously, I think CHAdeMO would have been in much better shape, and if VW weren’t greedy scum CCS prospects in the USA would still be dim, and Nissan would have little reason to switch.

I think they might stick with CHAdeMO outside just because their domestic market will be CHAdeMO anyway, but only if the 60kWh Leaf can charge closer to 100kW, enough to give CHAdeMO 2 a boost.

Chademo requires a second inlet for AC charging which is why manufacturers didn’t want to get behind it. You need more real estate on the car and obviously more cost for more components.

Technically CCS has a second inlet too. Tesla’s EU CCS made sense, could use the same pins for AC and DC. That should have been the standard.

Honda is using CCS for the Clairity BEV. I agree with you about them not being serious, with it though. But if they were, and gave it a 200-ish mile range, why would that mean they would possibly switch to CHAdeMO?

Asian market including China is betting big on chademo based next generation fast charging, tesla will support that too.

Flogging means a couple different so your post was confusing. After looking it up you must mean 2 (because with 1 that will continue ).
1. beat (someone) with a whip or stick as punishment or torture.
2. INFORMAL•BRITISH sell or offer for sale

“Flogging a dead horse” is IMHO, what the poster meant. As the horse is dead, there is not punishment of torture so it is a waste of time and energy to carry on with it.

CHAdeMO does seem to be on the wane as far a new cars coming with it at least in Europe. There is almost zero incentive to go beyond the 50kW charging that we currently have as everything coming onto the market with > 60kW batteries seems to be CCS only.

Nissan is doing a disservice to EV adoption by making charging needlessly more complicated than it has to be. I get it, they were out the door first, argue that CCS was a stalling tactic if you want, but it’s clear at this point that the rest of the industry is behind CCS for EU and NA, and Nissan is in a position to end this. I was hoping that the Gen 2 Leaf would at least support both connectors, maybe the long range version will get it, but I’m not overly hopeful.

I wrote all that without remembering that Nissan and Renault are joined at the hip, so maybe there’s a bit more hope than I thought.

I hope there will be at least CCS versions of the Leaf. But even if technically Renault ows Nissan, But Nissan still sells about 2.5 more EV per year than Renault.

And Mitsubishi also uses chademo on the I miev (also sold as Citroën c zero and Peugeot ion) and its Outlander PHEV.

That’s why it may unfortunately not be so sure than Nissan Will use CCS. At least for a couple of years.

Again, Nissan could “Stake” a Leadership Position, by offering CCS & CHAdeMO! More places to charge, no matter who is occupying a cord ahead of you!

The industry is behind CCS in Europe and NA. But behind Chademo in Japan and possibly China if their joint effort will go anywhere. So it is not really obvious what is the benefit for Nissan to eat expense of the switch right now, while half of the market, including their home market, is never going to switch.

While CHAdeMO is a different Horse than CCS, it is far from dead, with 200 kW and 400 kW operations, protocols, and Equipment planned, and some leading development in work now!

However, on Premium LEAF’s, it would be nice to have TWO Fast Charging Options: CHAdeMO *AND* CCS! Nissan “Could” make the Tweak in the design of the Charging Door Pocket, and in Onboard Electronics, Even if such were only incorporated as an Option!

Probably would make more sense to sell an optional adapter…

Where, except for Japan, can you find a CHAdeMO charger that isn’t accompanied by a CCS charger?

actually lots of them in Norway, but they are old and usually not at Prime locations.

I think it is interesting that Tesla is taking about retrofitting their SC, how will they do billing? Or did CCS Combo pass through enough vehicle information to allow them to do this? In any case, it sounds great if they come together with CCS Combo.
For Nissan, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the CCS Combo on the next Leaf with CHAdeMO as well, then CHAdeMO gets phased out over the next 3-5yrs. We already see the J1772 being changed to Mennekes in some markets, which poses the problem for early EVSE adoption that has used J1772 (although the adapter is pretty easy to do).
I’ve said it right when European manufacturers all adopted CCS Combo that it should become the standard, now it looks likely.
China choosing CHAdeMO is very interesting, maybe they will also change their stance on this soon.

CCS allows billing: In the Netherlands, Fastened already supports it. I never tried it, though, since my Leaf has ChaDeMo.

Why would China change their stance? They have zero to gain from it, as far as I can tell…

I think Tesla can make a lot of money on chargers in the near future. Add a million or five EVs on the road, and just watch the money roll in. They could use the money to add even more charging infrastructure, and make money on all EVs on the market – not only on the cars they make themselves.

Servicing more cars will require additional investment though, which is tangential to their core business…

It’s clear anything non-CCS is dead outside Japan & China (CCS isn’t just Europe & North America; it’s also Australia, NZ, South Africa, India, South America).

This will be a smart move from Renault. It will ensure continued strong demand for the Zöe in the comming years too.
Even though most Zöe owners probably charge at home for the most part.

The upgraded Zöe needs a bit better materials in the interior. Take away most hard plastic parts, add a bit more bucket shape to the seats, add power (feels like it could have 15-20% more power for sure).
Add a bit larger screen, and a better screen technology. AMOLED would be nice, and improve read view camera a bit too.
Make sure there are no reflective color or shape on the dashboard.

I hope they still keep the clever 44kW onboard three phase charger. It allows very cheap infrastructure of moderately fast charging.