Renault Zoe Performs Like It’s Not Electric; Dubbed World’s Best Affordable Electric Vehicle


Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Consider us jealous.  Extremely jealous.

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

There’s no chance the Renault Zoe will ever be sold in the US and that’s a shame because all signs seem to indicate that it’s perhaps the best all-around electric vehicle to date offered at a reasonable price.

Sales of the Zoe are now getting underway in Europe and, with that, test drives are starting to pour in.  It seems almost unanimous from our thorough digging through of countless test drives that the Zoe is quite possibly the most well-rounded electric vehicle released to date.

Most reviewers are amazed by the Zoe’s ability to never remind drivers that it’s electric.  Or, as one reviewer put it:

“Most of these [previous electric vehicles] feel similar to one another in that they don’t have the feel and feedback of a ICE-powered car, and usually suffer from the additional weight they’re forced to carry.   But not the ZOE.”

And here are some words from one more glowing Zoe review:

“Behind the wheel the Zoe is just like any other car. There’s nothing ‘out-there’ about it. You put it into D for drive and away it goes. If you didn’t know it was electric, you’d just think it was an ultra quiet petrol-powered vehicle.”

The ride is compliant, the steering has suitable road feel and preciseness, the power and torque delivery is instant, acceleration is strong, brake feels is perhaps better than any electric vehicle to date, it’s serene inside and range easily exceeds the automaker’s claim.  Those are the common remarks found across loads of reviews on the Renault Zoe.

One final quote:

“Overall the Renault Zoe joins the Nissan LEAF as the two main EVs that have real-world practical applications.”

But where the Nissan LEAF is often-faulted for its less-than-entertaining capabilities, the Renault Zoe is constantly praised for its fun-to-drive nature.  So, could it be true that the Renault Zoe is the world’s premier affordable electric vehicle?  Most reviews answer that question with an emphatic “Yes!”

via, Car Advice and countless other sites scanned for verification of the Zoe’s stellar performances

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Huh yes, I am so restless until I will get my ordered ZOE in June!

There’s only one problem with ZOE. They don’t sell it with batteries. You have to lend batteries for a mounthly plan which is about 79 euros. The contract is for 3 years. So when you multiply 79 euro per 36 mounths you get 2844euros which is around 3500$. The ZOE offer is not that great anymore when you take that into account.

I disagree – by keeping the battery lease separate the car costs the same as its ICE equivalent, the Clio. And the battery lease is less than the saving in fuel, and guarantees against loss of battery efficiency. What’s not to like?!

36 month is very short for a cars life. What happens there after, they can just double the rates then and you had to stick with it or sell the car with a big loss.

Ok, I understand your point and even agree with you…. up to some point. It all depands which European country we take into account. Considering France with it’s 7000euros subsidies, yes, this might be a good offer over there. But in other european countries which did not introduced EV support plan standard price starts from 20700euros. That’s waaaaay high over it’s ICE competitor. In such countries ZOE will not find many buyers. I dream of times perhaps to come, when EV’s can deffend themselves even without goverment subsidies. I dream of times when prices of EV’s and ICE would be comparable. That would be the real begin of EV’s revenge I hope. In the meantime I dream smaller – for goverment in my country to introduce EV subsidy plan.

the market will dictate replication of the Zoe here if it becomes a great success overseas. Some firm will do it, perhaps it will be the originators.

It is without a doubt the best in their price range, but it still doesn’t make sense finantially against a ICE Clio Diesel.

The good thing here is that the gap between ICE and Plug-ins is getting smaller as new, more rounded electric cars, are launched. Maybe the 2nd generation of EV’s can challenge ICE’s head to head. Until then…

I’m not afraid that the battery rates will be doubled. I’m afraid that the world is running out of oil…so I ordered a ZOE. By the way gasprices were doubled within the last 10 years. Guess what will happen the next 10 years ?

Don’t forget ZOE’s best feature: the 44 kW “chameleon” on-board 3-phase AC charger. This allows fast charging from ubiquitous 3-phase outlets if you have a portable 3-phase EVSE. It also makes it easier to convince business owners to install quick charging stations, since a simple EVSE is much less expensive than a DC fast charger.