Renault ZOE Now Available In Australia

JUL 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Renault finally began sales of ZOE to the public in Australia, after several months of availability only to fleets, which purchased only 18 copies.

The ZOE becomes the most affordable BEV in Australia, which doesn’t mean affordable yet. Prices starts from $47.490 AUD ($35,175 USD).

Four dealers were selected to sell ZOE: Sydney City Renault in Sydney, Barry Bourke Renault in Melbourne, Unley Renault in Adelaide and Melville Renault in Perth.

The Kangoo Z.E. is apparently available only to fleets (only 4 were sold), while Twizy can’t be introduced as its design doesn’t comply with Australian law.

The biggest news is that there is a hint about a new electric SUV that Renault could introduce (also in Australia):

“While the tiny Renault Twizy EV won’t be imported here because it doesn’t meet design rules, we understand Renault Australia could add a third battery-powered model to its EV fleet, in the form of an all-new mid-size electric SUV that’s yet to be revealed.”

Renault’s alliance partners – Nissan and Mitsubishi were one the first in Australia to introduce EVs (LEAF and i-MiEV), but both discontinued their offer because the EV market in Australia was too small.

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18 copies .. . made me smile.
Too bad with the lack of Twizy, that is really cool to drive in warmer climates. If the price was 30% smaller, it would be a really hit.
I could really use one myself to zip too and from work, to and from the grosery store.

Try to take a picture of the Zoe in a image editing program, and make it 20% wider. Suddenly it starts to look really cool.

Like the Zoe a lot, would have one tomorrow but price to high. If the base model Renault Clio sells for 14760 English pounds, and sells in Australia for $19990. Then why if the Zoe in the UK cost 18750 pounds plus gov. grant of 4500 pounds total 23250 pounds costing Australians $47490 when the real price should be about $35000? I understand their could be a slight premium for small numbers sold but the premium is to excessive. Maybe I’ve got it Wrong any one explain.

They can sell every car they produce in Europe (and indeed more), so why bother selling to Australia? One reason only, exceptional profit on every car sold. Way of the world mate. It will be several years yet before electric car makers have to really chase sales, sadly for prospective buyers (like me in fact).

Why isn’t it available in the United States there are plenty of Nissan dealerships to distribute it it would be a hit the moment hit this country .

While Renault and Nissan have an “alliance”, AIUI they operate mostly independently, and don’t share dealers AFAIK? I don’t think Renault is keen on re-entering the US market just to sell the Zoe — especially considering that such a small car probably doesn’t have all that much potential in the US…