Renault ZOE Named Most Environmental Car By Top Gear Turkey


There are only a few plug-in electric cars available in Turkey.

If memory serves us right, the BMW i3, BMW i8, Nissan LEAF and Renault ZOE are the only plug-in electric cars sold in Turkey.

Out of that list, the Renault ZOE was chosen as the “Most Environmental Car” by Top Gear Turkey.

Why not the i3?  Our guess is that its availability in Turkey is extremely limited and perhaps one wasn’t even available for Top Gear to test.  ZOE, on the other hand, is now rather widely available in Turkey and Renault has a strong presence in that nation too.  Again, this is all just a guess.

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Also I bet they have 22kW AC-power a lot and DC-charging stations not so much…

A relative came over from France fir a visit. She’s in her 40’s, owns a car, and lives just ourside of Paris.
She is by any automotive metric a regular person, not a car enthusiast an much less an EV one. Why am I talking about her? Because though she lives in France and can afford one easily, she had no idea the Zoe existed, nor did her daughter. This is a car I’ve been aware of since 2012 without stepping foot in France.

I thought this was a reality check and it helps explain low sales. Awareness is clearly far from universal in the general population.

And that is one of the big reasons why you need to put cars on the roads to get more people to know about them and buy them.

Commercials can do so much, but when it comes to cars most people listen to friends and family.

“Why not the i3? “Well, durrr! Because most of ’em are still ICEVs!