Renault Zoe is the Electric Vehicle You Want to Own


Renault Zoe is Worth Owning

Renault Zoe is Worth Owning

“IF THE electric car is ever going to make it into the mainstream then we need a model that’s as cheap as a normal car, as practical as a normal car and with a range that will take us further into our journey than the paper shop before its battery runs out.”

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

That’s the opening line from a recent Renault Zoe review conducted by the Ashbourne News Telegraph.

So, is Zoe the electric vehicle that will bring EVs into the mainstream?

Yes…says the reviewer:

“Easy to live with, easy to drive, easy to afford and easy to find a place for in our range-obsessed motoring society.”

What’s so special about Zoe?  Well, as this reviewer sees it, Zoe is the only electric that captured his heart.  In fact, it’s the only EV he’s tested that he didn’t want to hand back the keys to.

The reviewer concludes:

“The Renault ZOE is the only electric car I’ve ever driven that I could see myself owning.”

“It’s what the electric vehicle has always tried to be. And it’s not just a new car, it’s the start of a new chapter.”

Unfortunately, that chapter has no US in it.  The Zoe will forever be unobtainable here in the States.  But for Europe, perhaps Zoe is the vehicle that will take electric into the mainstream.

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Its a beautiful/capable compact car. As compacts go, I could see it being successful in the US compact category vs Spark/Fiat 500/Smart ED/i-Mev/Fit. So if they took all of those sales and then created some more it still would be under 500 units a month currently. The problem is it would not take all of those sales even if it took a percentage leaving a less than desirable number. In France, the compact is much more a way of life thus wildly successful there. Again, as compacts go it is a winner and it will have global success.
In the US, there is a growing sector accepting a smaller vehicle but that smaller vehicle is a Prius/Leaf/Volt vs the SUV. The Prius/Leaf/Volt are outselling the smaller EVs 10-1.

“Beautiful” you have to be joking

I don’t know, for myself personally, I like it. To each their own though.

I sooo wish this was available in the US 🙁

It could have been a game changer if they hadn’t overpriced it so badly.
Even without the battery it’s almost twice the price of the equivalent gas car. And that’s obviously ridiculous.
Nitwit douche bags strike again. Eventually they will learn but we’ll have wasted a decade on their stupidity.

I have to disagree with you here. The Zoe has some nice features that are options on the gas powered Renault Clio. Try and trim the Clio to the same level as the Zoe and the two are `just` a few thousand apart.
However, battery rent eats the gas savings so you´ll never get even.

I have great disdain for that argument. If that was a valid argument, why aren’t they offering the cheaper price without these supposed luxury addons.
Leaf and Volt makes the same bullshit argument. And of course it’s a lie.
They put in a few options as an excuse for the high price.

Compared to the Clio, Zoe is cheaper than the current Clio with automatic transmission but more expensive than Clio with manual transmission.

Pardon him, folks. Dan forgot to take his meds again.

The only reason for me not to want one is the lack of ‘Granny Cable Charging’. The ZOE does not come with a cable to plug in in a household socket. The Chameleon charger doesn’t handle low amperages very well. The efficiency goes down a lot. Therefore Renault decided to refrain from delivering such a cable.

When I drive to my parents house (55 miles) and spend the day there, I just want to be able to plug it in and leave it for 10 hours to enable me to drive home again.

That is also my biggest gripe with this car. But thanks on informing me on the reason for that.

Maybe a third party will start supplying those cables in the future if Renault keeps refusing to do so.

Hi Surya, there is an italian Guy making these cables as a third party supplier. But the reason for Renault not to offer it, is because it works pretty lame due to lower efficiency. With 8 ampère something like 31 hours from empty to full (50% efficiency).

That is VERY slow indeed, but in some cases (longer stay) it might come in handy I figure!

I got a testdrive in the Zoe last month and just had my test with the Leaf today, so I’ll sum up some of the main thoughts I have about the 2 cars Zoe + Slightly longer range + More flexible charger + Slightly cheaper + Looks better + Fits more with the size requirements of the average European driver + More quiet inside the cabin while driving – Back seat is in 1 piece – No household cable available – No option to buy the battery – No 3 door version available – Touch screen needs more pressure before it reacts Leaf + Ability to choose regen amount + Household cable + Backseat in 2 parts + Choice between buying or renting the battery + Solar panel available for recharging the 12V battery + Option to only heat seats and steering wheel so you can save on overall heating. + Slightly more powerful acceleration – Bigger than the Zoe, bigger than I would like it to be – Not as good looking as the Zoe – Energy efficient Bose system only available on highest trim level. That’s a minus because I don’t want the leather seats that come with… Read more »

On the Leaf, you can get the Bose/Around View Monitor package on the SV(cloth) model.

Well, in Europe the trim levels have different names, but the Bose system was not listed as an option on any of the trim levels, is was only standard on the Tekna (highest trim level)

Better ask the dealer, they have sometimes more configuration options, than the official price list.

both are ugly ev’s

You think the Zoe is ugly? Than you must also think the Clio is ugly? And probably most of the European superminis? I happen to like most of those designs and I also happen to think the Zoe is one of the better looking cars in the supermini class.

just by looking at that picture and none of the specs i can tell you that i wouldnt even look twice at that ugly thing so nO

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

You have the wrong handle. Apparently your own ideas of how a car should look is more important to you than the EV aspect.

Without taking anything away from Zoe, I’ve to say when the “journalist” reviews a car in superlatives – it becomes propaganda. Not a review. I wouldn’t trust that kind of a review all that much.

The Zoe looks fantastic. Why can’t Nissan badge-engineer this and call it the Leaf LE or some such?

Build a convertible version please.

It is for sale in Brussels but I wouldn’t even consider buying it because it is too small.
It does have a full back seat, which is a plus but almost no trunk.
It also doesn’t come with a range extender which is not acceptable under 100 miles of range.
The look of it doesn’t help but at least it was build as an EV from the start unlike the Fluence conversion.
That is a bit too bad, because the other way around I could have considered a Fluence.

I picked up my ZOE last week and I’m loving it – quiet, punchy, smooth, 5 seats, good sized boot, lots of electronic toys. The Chameleon charger is a compromise – it’s very inefficient at low powers but great at using any high power available. My home 32A/7kW charger can recharge it in 3 hours, and I’ve already made good use of public 22kW (1 hour) and 43kW (1/2 hour) chargers.

It’s still an adventure – if you’re interested, see my blog: