Renault Zoe Hits The UK In June, But Gets A Price Hike First

MAR 22 2013 BY JAY COLE 13

Customer Deliveries For The Renault Zoe In The UK Begin June 7th, 2013

Customer Deliveries For The Renault Zoe In The UK Begin June 7th, 2013

Our British readers get a little bad news with the good.

Renault has confirmed that its 130 mile (NEDC) all-electric vehicle will be arriving in the UK on June 7th, but it also has released news that the most popular EV in Europe will get a price hike too, on April 5th, a full two months before anyone can take possession.

The Zoe's 'Chameleon' Charger Allows Variable Charging From 3kw to 43kw

The Zoe’s ‘Chameleon’ Charger Allows Variable Charging From 3kw to 43kw

Thankfully, if you fancy yourself in a Zoe (and don’t need to actually see/drive one in the flesh), you can still pre-order the car and receive originally stated pricing.

The Zoe currently starts at £13,650 ($20,725 USD) for the Expression model (after the £5,000 plug-in grant).  The Dynamique models, of which there are two, cost £14,750 ($22,390 USD) after incentives.

New pricing will however increase these prices to £13,995 ($21,200 USD) and £15,195 ($23,075 USD) respectively, and increase of £445 (about $675 USD).

The battery lease/rental remains unchanged at prices starting at £70  a month.  The base battery contract is a three-year term with a mileage limit of 7,500 miles/year.  Renault does make the contract flexible for those British drivers expected to exceed the mileage caps; for  £77 you get 9,500 miles per year, and for £85 you get 12,000 per annum.

2013 Renault Zoe Interior

2013 Renault Zoe Interior

Renault says it is not singling out one of its hottest and most anticipated products for the price increase, as the company states that the bump is “in line with some other Renault model price increases”.  Considering the vehicle has yet to have a single delivery in the UK, and its release date comes as no surprise to Renault, we find the excuse a ‘wee bit’ thin.

About the Zoe:

  • 130 mile range (NEDC) – think 90 miles on the US EPA standard
  • 86bhp/162lb ft of torque
  • Top speed of 84mph
  • ‘Chameleon’ charger, which allows variable charging from 3kw to 43kw
  • Total charge times: 30 mins to 9 hours
  • ZE Voice – pedestrian warning system that activates between 1 mph and 18 mph, also features 3 selectable sounds, and the ability to shut it off
  • Standard 15″ wheels, available 16″ and 17″


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needs some competition.

The 12k mile battery lease is very reasonable even in the US, it must be a steal in Europe.. the $25k cost of the car is below the Leaf and you get the Chamaleon charger but probably an extra cost option. Overall very reasonable.

Jay, do those prices include the VAT?

Hey Herm, yes they do.

Note: every time you charge with 43 kW, you will pay an additional bonus on the battery rent.

I haven’t heard that – do you have a source?


Can you buy the battery, and how much is the cost?


I’ll be in London on the 7th. Can I take a test drive?

If you mean April, probably not. If you mean June, then probably yes – certainly my local Renault dealer is expecting test drive vehicles about the end of April or early in May.


So for $23,000 U.S. , you get a 2800 lb. paperweight when the battery lease
is over…. I would need certain guarantees in plain writing. Such as, guaranteed
battery availability – otherwise, you have nothing to resell… A shell, basically.

There’s a lot of intricacies revolving around this rental battery – and it’s the same
mentality as Twizy, and the only reason I wouldn’t buy one should it become
available here. I want to know if I can buy a reconditioned, factory or aftermarket
battery and install it without it being a one-off gizmo put together with duct tape.

I also think the MSRP for the car with no battery is steep – all told, near the cost
of LEAF without the security of knowing in five years your car has working
powertrain – no less the diminished range.

Think of buying an ICE with a leased engine. No way. Might as well lease the
whole taco and not have yet another anxiety to deal with other than range.

Yet another reason I went for a Volt. An untaxed battery and a powerplant
that’ll always at least make the car a workable, usable vehicle.

James, you’re trolling.

Everyone with even half a working brain cell would understand immediatly that Renault would never refuse to renew the battery rent in 3 years. If they did, their EV adventure would be over before it really started. You are just spreading cheap FUD.

A 2.5% increase, that’s just enough to offset the 2.5% percent drop in sterling compared to the euro in the last 12 months. That’s the price you have to pay for a devalued currency.