Renault Zoe Earns 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating (Video)


The Renault Zoe is now listed among the world’s safest automobiles with a 5-Star Euro NCAP rating in recently completed safety testing.

Here are a few highlights from the test results:

  • Renault ZOE obtained an overall score of 82 percent (including the maximum rating for pedestrian safety)
  • Zoe is equipped with a system that provides an audible warning of its approach.
  • In a head-on impact, Renault ZOE’s front occupants are protected by two high-efficiency airbags, as well as seat cushion airbags, along with seat belts equipped with pretensioners and load limiters.
  • Side  impacts are a frequent cause of fatal injuries, but specific work has produced spectacular results to achieve the maximum score of eight points.
  • Renault ZOE features two side-impact detection sensors. A specific algorithm adjusts the speed at which the new-generation head-thorax airbags are deployed to match the severity of the impact.
  • Combined with the results of the pole and rear impact tests, this score helped Renault ZOE to obtain 32 points from a possible 36 for adult protection.
  • Renault ZOE’s child protection rating figures among the very best in the B segment with a score of 39 points out of a possible 49.

Additional test results can be found by clicking here, but don’t forgot to check out the video and our gallery below before heading off to the Euro NCAP’s site.

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9 Comments on "Renault Zoe Earns 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating (Video)"

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Wow Zoe is a hit that just keeps on coming. Looks like Renault has a real winner.

This has nothing to do with the topic (or EVs really), but the Zoe crash video reminded me of a video posted today of a Ferrari 458 biting it due to some questionable driving skills:

lotta torque – no stability control??? could that be??

…or slightly inebriated after a long night out, with some light rain driving home the last nail, (=

His head was spinning and he tried to make the car catch up??

….of course, I’m guessing – having never been slightly inebriated.

dear statik,
You’ve got chops and maybe I’ve missed it but is the Zoe coming to North America? I think you said a few had been imported? Thanks.

Sorry Shawn,

Definitely no Zoe for the US. It is possible to import them, but I would not suggest it. The ownership/repair cycle (especially on a brand new electric model) would be intense.

I’ve never heard of a Zoe being imported, Renault only made their first delivery about 80 days ago, and that was a “token” delivery to fufill a “by year’s end promise” to a French official. Public deliveries are only a recent occurence. I think you are thinking of the Renault Twizy perhaps? There is a handful of those in the US atm.

But I want a Zoe…It brings back childhood memories of Sesame Street.