Renault Zoe E-Sport At Geneva Motor Show – Photos & Videos

Renault ZOE E-Sport

MAR 9 2017 BY MARK KANE 20


Renault ZOE E-Sport

The Renault Zoe e-Sport Concept (see debut info here) was very well received at the Geneva Motor Show. We saw a LOT of comments from around the world asking the company to build more and sell them everywhere.

Whether the Renault Zoe with two motors and total 340 kW of power (up from 65 kW in standard version) is total madness. Who wouldn’t want one?

Quick specs:

  • Twin electric motors provide 340 kW (nearly 460 bhp) and torque of 640Nm
  • AWD
  • 0-62mph (100km/h) in 3.2 seconds. 130mph is reached in under 10 seconds
  • Weight is just 3,086 pounds (1,400 kg), including the 992-pound (450-kg) battery
  • 40-kWh battery

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport

Renault ZOE E-Sport


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This vehicle would fly of the shelves, literally. Electric excitement in a pure driving form.

Agreed Vazzed up,

That would be one fun car. It could actually compete with the Model 3. Too bad it is just a concept.

GM could make one in a jiffy….but then again they might have to sell some and they wouldn’t like that:)

Well, since the Model 3 is pretty much just a concept at the point and this is a concept, I’d say the Renault concept not only competes, but absolutely blows the Model 3 away.

Of course, the real world is all that matters, so… we shall see what we shall see.

Speaking of real world, the Bolt is here now and I bet you that Chevy has an SS performance version planned that will be in showrooms long before the ZOE e-Sport, if it ever happens.

Sigh. You’re one of those people.

You use the word “literally”, but mean the exact opposite, “figuratively”. Which, by the way, one normally doesn’t specify. Elon Musk kicks (BMW boss) Harald Krueger’s ass, ok? But NOT literally. That would mean he physically, actually, without exaggeration or metaphor, kicked the man in the butt with his foot.

Impressive! But what system is chosen to charge the 40 kWh battery? Still CHADEMO? CCS?

Renault is using AC, Mennekes (type 2), 22/43 kW charger.

We are still waiting for Renault to jump to CCS like others are. 🙂

Well the upside of AC 3-phase charging is that you can do quite fast charging at your house (in Europe with 230V or 400V) with a quite regular/cheap EVSE. Tesla does it too but they have “hacked” the mennekes plug to allow DC without the extra CCS pins.

Not quite correct. Type 2/Mennekes already provides for DC as well as AC charging. Tesla did little more than increase the dimensions to increase the max current.

CCS is as unnecessary as it is clumsy. I guess it’s because some people felt it was safer to put high power DC on physically dedicated pins, eliminating any possibility of connecting the full DC power to electronics made for AC and much lower levels. Many people are scared of electronics and software, feeling that mechanical solutions are safer – but actually mechanical solutions are generally the least reliable type, beaten by hydraulics, pneumatics and *especially* electronics time and time again…

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

This is more or less what the GM Bolt should have looked like. It was not so difficult and likely to make a noticeable difference in sales figures.

Do you mean that in terms of appearance, or performance specs?

I think this is my new dream car.

Sweet Ride!

What-a-car! My absolute favourite for the moment. I would love Renault to build it. And so would so many other people, but I think it’s too early for that. They need to be able to have at least a 55Kwh battery and keep the ZOE sport reasonable priced 35000$ (?) and light enough 1450Kg at most. That’s what the current ZOE weighs. So adding a motor and a bigger battery and sports suspension and stronger controller… going to be a hard job with current tech. Maybe in 4-5 years. I’m adding another € to the piggybank!

And having said that, I could see a slightly more reasonable ZOE RS come along with maybe 2 x 100Kw (F&R) with a 0-100kph of 4.2 secs. Oh well,
let’s wait and see!

8.5C discharge. I wonder what the cooling system looks like. Renault do have a history of building their concept cars, and they’ve had a hot-hatch version of pretty much every hatchback they’ve built.

Though, my god that video’s cringey.

I guess we are back to the 80 mile range zone though

With 40 kwh? Should be about double that. AWD should buy it a few more miles over the base model too, assuming you can keep the right foot under control 🙂

I think 60 kWh is closer to the sweet spot for me. But I’d happily trade off some capacity for power, and would much rather have this than a Zoe with 60 kWh battery but only the 65 kW motor…

Sure there’s a few times I’d want more range, but the massive fun I’d have all the time would be ample compensation!

Oooh yes! I want!!