Renault ZOE Drives 142 Miles On Single Charge


142 Miles On Single Charge - Photo Credit Trevor Larkum

142 Miles On Single Charge – Photo Credit Trevor Larkum

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

“Trevor from MyRenaultZOE beat his personal best: a 228km range with his #Renault #ZOE!”

Tweets Renault Z.E., who directed us to Trevor’s “My Renault ZOE” website, where we found the following information (edited for brevity) on the 142-mile (228 km) drive:

“It’s a year since I managed to persuade my ZOE to go 122 miles on one charge so, with the weather being mild, it seemed like a good time to try for another range record.”

“This time I chose a more convoluted route (about 42 miles round trip) so I could avoid long stretches with speeds above 40mph, instead travelling mostly on back roads, through villages and an industrial estate, to keep my average speed down. I had prepared by inflating the tyres to 38psi, but otherwise the car was unmodified in any way. The air conditioning was on but since I was in Eco mode it was pretty feeble as usual.”

“…by the time I got home on Friday night I had already done more than 130 miles. On Saturday morning I just drove locally to use up the remaining charge and got back home having reached 142 miles, with just 1% charge left. I had also achieved a dashboard display of 6.02 miles per kWh which I have never managed before.”

142 miles is not really achievable in the real world.  Trevor notes the following:

“Most of the time I had the speed limiter set to 30mph though I had to increase it on the unavoidable faster stretches. Conversely I decreased it to 20mph toward the end of the attempt.”

It’s not always possible or safe to drive at such slow speeds, but in the right situation, the ZOE can go 142 miles (maybe even more) on a single charge.

Source: My Renault ZOE

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Also have a look here:

ZOE ran just 125 Miles but with avg. 40,8 Miles/hr Speed, which is almost twiche as fast as your example.

The Lady did NOT use the ECO Mode BTW.

Regards from germany

For sure the ZOE is capable of more than the 140 miles I achieved if it is driven at a constant speed – I was commuting to work, and that’s cross country with a lot of junctions and a few hills. The Spanish record is something like 170 miles going around a ring road (beltway).
Of course, at constant speed it would make very little difference whether you used Eco mode or not (which mostly limits acceleration).

Um, the battery spec in the Zoe is 22kWh… the dash says they used 23?!

Down hill regen. I’m sure I can drive my Volt 100 EV miles on one charge if I start at Highpoint NJ.


Just to make clear, I went from home to work and back so no overall change in altitude.

I got stuck in traffic the other day going to a dinner and ended up driving some 20 miles in heavy traffic going relatively slow. Damn, that sure does increase your range a LOT.

Aerodynamics really matter. Every company trying to build a plug-in vehicle needs to address it. It is far more important with EVs. With a gas car, bad aerodynamics just reduce fuel efficiency . . . and that can be be compensated by making the gas tank a little bigger. With an EV, bad aerodynamics means less range (which is already a problem) or more very expensive batteries.

Thanks Eric, for stating the most important fact:

“It’s not always possible or safe to drive at such slow speeds….”

Folks still don’t realize “achievements” like these are doing a disservice to the EV world. In this case, our friend had to creep at 20-30mph. I’m sure even some bicyclists would be irritated at that. Stop being an annoyance to regular traffic. That’ll only serve to create opposition to EVs.

I prefer the folks who post stories about how they save energy, net-zero living, etc. Those set a positive example.

OK, rant off. Sorry.

I know Trevor a bit and I don’t think he would be unsafe or bother anyone in the process. In the UK it’s quite easy to find local roads that are not busy at all which makes an attempt like this possible.

I don’t think he wanted to prove anything by the way, I think he wanted to satisfy his own curiosity.

Stimpacker, did you miss the bit: “Most of the time I had the speed limiter set to 30mph though I had to increase it on the unavoidable faster stretches”?

I hope they make an EV version of the Renault Eolab car. The lower drag design would make this kind of range an everyday possibility.