Renault Zoe Drives 12,000 Miles In Less Than One Year


Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Okay, so it’s not a record, but we hear so little of the Renault Zoe from their owners after they make a purchase that we figured why not pass this story along?

Frank Bauer, a Renault Zoe owner, racked up 20,000 km (12,427 miles) on the odometer of his beloved electric in less than one year.

That’s impressive when one considers that Zoe, like LEAF and others, is a sub 100-mile electric that is also cutting its teeth in Europe.

Range for the Renault Zoe is listed at 210 km (130 miles ) NEDC.  Real-world range is more like 62 to 93 miles, according to Renault.

Assisting the Zoe is being a high mileage machine is its Chameleon charger that allows Zoe to be charged at essentially any level of power, taking between 30 minutes and nine hours.

We ask the Zoe owners out there, what’s your current mileage?  How many miles have you been able to rack up in one year?

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I put over 26k on my Imiev in the first 2 years and only used 110 charging the whole time.

A friend of mine did 27,000 km (17,000 miles) in one year with his ZOE without any problems and without using another (conventional) car.

The good thing about the ZOE is the 3 phase charging. You can use EVERY normal 16A or 32A CEE-Outlet and fully charge in 1 (32A) or 2 (16A) hours. That makes the ZOE so flexible compared to other EVs.

I will purchase an EV now. I have test all the model. Now I have decided for the ZOE, even though I love the driving performance of the BMW i3 a lot. But once you exceed the max. battery capacity of the i3 (or Leaf, or e-Golf. or e-Up) you have to charge for many hours. There are no DC quickchargers available yet in my area.
I can charge the ZOE at every household in two hours (16A CEE) and in one hour at every company, workshop, farm, fire station (32A CEE).
Only Tesla can also do 3 phase charging. That is currently the most important feature before more DC quickchargers are available. Especially in Europe, because here we have a 400V 3-phase supply in every household.

I had 13.400 Kilometers in 1 year with my family and am now at 17.000 KM

But I know one ZOE driver who did more than 35.000 Kilometers in 11 Months and is now just before 60.000 KM.

Fast charging with AC 22kw is the key even with the cheapest Life Version.

Germany as a small country has more than 3400 public AC chargers with 22kw, ZOE can use !!

And you can charge at home with 22kw as well. Almost 1500 ZOEs drive in Germany where at least 50% have a 22kw Wallbox at home.

This is ideal for driving 2x or 3x the full range (100km-150km) a day around your home, which is perfect for transport companies (delivering medicine/pizza/drive to the doctor in citys etc.), especially in winter conditions .)

I organize the Hamburg E-Car Event, and we had ZOE drivers from 380km Distance one way because of that very good AC 22kw Network.

Divide by 1.6 and you get miles. We are metric here 🙂

+1 Zoe Driver. We need more people like you 🙂

Since we are talking about different EV cars let me introduce a person (In India)who has travelled 8000 KM in 4 months in Mahindra E20 . More info at

Sorry my bad.. its 8000 KM in 3 Months

For the record, I’m on just under 15,000 miles (24,000km) since 21st september last year 🙂 My wife and I love the Zoe so much she’s buying one as well! We live in the UK and use eco7 overnight 7kW charging.

When I was over in France I saw the Zoe all over. There’s a version in glossy black with blue accents that looks amazing. I’d say it’s the best looking plug-in car on the road today, and one of the best looking cars in general. I kinda wish they sold it over here!

There is a load of people’s experience with the Zoe on the largest Zoe-forum in France: It’s in french, of course, but Google Translator helps.

I don’t have a Zoe, but I do drive a Ford Focus Electric that gets very little coverage on this website. I’ve put 13000 miles on my car in just 6 months (I drive 110 miles round trip commute to work). So do I get an article as well 😉 Keep on with all the gas free miles folks!

Think the underlying story here is lack of infrastructure for the Zoe. Many LEAFs in UK, US & Japan accumulated more miles per year.

Recently InsideEVs covered a Model S owner that cover 90,000 miles in first 14-18 months. (sorry, don’t remember)

The Zoe’s battery rental (only option) is likely a factor to more high-mileage Zoe’s … as battery rentals have a costly mileage fees.

Still nice to read other EV owner accomplishments.

In drive around 60.000km a year. Did not have any problems with my old leaf. My 6 month old model s just passed 32.000 km.

Dont remember the extreme bad CHAdeMO and CCS Network in Germany. It is nothing compared to masses of TYP2. Thats why Leaf owners and BMW and e-Golf Owners can not get these milages, except they live beside a charger.


I’ve had my ZOE for 3 months now, and I have 7000km (about 4400 miles). At this tempo I’ll get to 20000km within a year as well.

Since middle of May 2013 my ZOE took me more than 31600 km (rough 20000 miles). This is not only because of my business use but also of the good infrastructure of 3 Phase AC (public grid standard) fast charging stations here in Austria. In some cases I have to go more than 500km a day and without any fast charging outlet it wouldn’t be possible.

I drove over 25,000 km (15,625 mi) since 27th June 2013 with my Renault Zoe. Also no Rex, no hybrid – just electric.
Just came back from vacation, where I drove 2,400 km (1,500 mi) in roughly two weeks around Germany and the Netherlands.

10,745 miles on my Smart ED in 1 year, flawless, no problems, complete blast to drive every single time.

Started being charged by solar panels at around 2,000 miles and have only used a public charger once just to try it out.

Would easily have more miles if the lease agreement was higher

So im more limited in lease miles than i am in actual distance the car can travel lol

20.000km in One year. AC recharging in 30 minutes is a dream. Easy to use 🙂 The ZOE is a lovley car…

My Zoe is now at km 27900 after almost 14 months. My last vacation was a trip of 3500 km in 3 weeks. It’s lovely to ride the Zoe.

I can confirm what other ZOE drivers are saying, high mileages are easily achieved. I have done 14000 miles in my first year, mostly just from commuting to work but also some regular long journeys using Ecotricity 43KW AC fast chargers. Many exploits are written up at
As I write this my ZOE is promising a range of 57 miles. However, I’ve already done 68 miles on this charge so that’s 125 miles in total. Fingers crossed I’ll beat my previous record of 122 miles (see

29200 km since Sept. 25. 2013
with Renault Zoe

14000 km in 11 month and never in shortage of power with the Zoe

I forgot: typical range in summer 160 km, in winter 120 km (well climatized).

Did 24.000 km in the first 12 months. Maximum range achieved was 187 km. With 43 kW AC charging now becoming more and more available, ZOE’s range is becoming almost unlimited!

My Zoe is from march 2013 and has 26.875 km by now – it’s about 17.000 miles. Love the ac fast charging!